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Rate The Last Movie(s) You Watched

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Same as the Rate the Last Game You Finished topic but with movies. There should be more film talk around here. So, I'll start off with the movies I've seen in the past few days.

Law-Abiding Citizen - 5.5/11

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World - 7/11

Sword of the Stranger - 9/11

Blade Runner: Final Cut - 11/11

Blade Runner is one of those films I want to love but also want to hate.
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  • DoctorCello;403319 said:
    Because I'm bitter. :(
    That statement does not seem to go with the emoticon. I reject your reality and substitute my own.
  • Cube: - 6/10

    The original Saw. Concept's so interesting that the awful awful acting doesn't totally destroy the film. I first saw this when I was like 14 and thought it was amazing. There's weak dialogue and poor acting, but it still is enjoyable, has a great concept and great visuals. Prolly worth a watch if it seems up your alley
  • Holy crap, it's been years since I've seen Cube. It's probably one of my favorite underrated good horror flicks (it's sad I need to qualify my comments about horror films with the phrase 'good'). Well, that and Phantasm.
  • Cube a 6/10?!

    No way!
  • Cube's good, but dat acting, it was just atrocious in parts. I still liked it and everything, but it's no masterpiece. Maybe a 7/6.5 would be more fitting, but sure it's done now :p

    Plus I was laughing a bit at the mentally disabled guy, maybe that says something awful about me, but he was making really funny noises!!
  • Shallow Hal 10/10 I absolutley love this film! I think this is Jack Black's best. It hits all sorts of emotions (which isn't too hard to do to me - I'm very sentimental) such as humour and sadness, as well as a bit of shock. It's such a sweet rom com. I love how Jack Black isn't afraid to take the mick out of himself in this film as well.
  • Scott Pilgrim vs The World.

    I didn't know about it before going to watch it, just that it had some video game references. Boy was I in for a surprise with the movie.

    Totally loved the movie. Especially the characters and special effects. Everything was just so FUN about that movie. Now I'm going to read the comic books when I get the chance.

    Imma give it a righteous 9/10.

    Good job Michael Cera, you redeemed yourself to me.
  • Silver Hawk 8.5/10 Dear God, I love this movie. It's got a silly plot and is goofy as hell, but you can tell everyone had a blast working on it and it doesn't try to take itself seriously. The whole movie has this vibe of "Yes, we know this is a goofy Kung Fu film. Yes, we know the plot is silly, but that's the fun, so just enjoy the ride".

    It helps that Michelle Yeoh is the star of the whole thing and she always looks like she's having a blast in whatever movie she's shooting. Combine that with fantastic fight choreography, good cinematography and you get the reasons why I love Silver Hawk. It's not as good as Zebraman, but damn, it's pretty close.
  • Inland Empire, i'm unsure how to rate it, in some aspects the film was brilliant, in others it felt too long winded. Maybe an overall 8/10 is fair. Great performance by Laura Dern.
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