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Telltale's Jurassic Park and Ideas for A True JP RPG

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What does Telltale Games have in store for us with the release of its new take on JP gaming? I hope like I believe many others will that it is not anything cartoony, or off-beat like many of the knock off games that have been released since the JP phenomenon really kicked off after the release of the first movie. What is it that really needs to be done to Revamp the franchise and is it even something Telltale has the ability to pull off?

Many JP games have fallen short of fans expectations, my only accepted ones being the Genesis games, the pinball machine JP, and Lost world for playstation. Trespasser was by far its own entity with a game engine before its time, and a plot loosely based on JP. It was a great experience for those of us who actually had a computer powerful enough to keep up with the game, but was virtually unplayable for anyone else.

I feel that a great JP game must bring us back to the setting for the first film but let's make it 10 yrs down the road. An open world RPG that makes us feel like we are a part of the adventure, and that we can explore anything on the island(C'mon you know you want to!) A plot that leads us to iconic Images from the film( a Torn up rex paddock with goat stake and dangling chain, A rusted overgrown JP touring Explorer laying at the bottom of the paddock and the other one still on the track doors still open, Nedri's I'll fated last resting place with his jeep canopy torn and mangled and his decayed skeletal remains scattered inside the overgrown rustbucket(a plastic nametag clipped to a torn and destroyed raincoat is all that identifies him) The Raptor Paddock Decayed and EMPTY, A destroyed Main Lodge lays antiqued by weather, time, and of course the Wildlife, A maintenance garage with JP touring Explorers that never hit the track and GP jeeps that never got to see the open terrain and to arrive at the Island you would HAVE TO land at the Heliport beside the waterfall)

This Idea really has so much potential to do the franchise justice, and there are many Ideas that could make it a great game. However this game can really only be what any of us expect if its done by a true fan with attention to detail for the movie, and the ability to take that detail and apply it to a game. I wish I had a say in it, I've had game ideas for years for JP.

Telltale may have a true project ahead of them and I hope they are up to the task, although I know they will not meet my expectations for what I have envisioned, I'm sure that they will spin an interesting adventure that all of us "must-play" but maybe won't be thrilled about afterwards.

If you have any plot ideas for games or ideas post em

My Idea envisions Tim Murphy 10 years down the road from his first adventure on the island. He inadvertently finds himself following in the footsteps of his 2nd cousin Peter Ludlow. He decides after overcoming his fear and frightful memories of the island, that its time InGen takes back what it owns once and for all.
My game would open with the word InGen and the sound of helicopter blades, the camera slowly zooms out to reveal the whole helicopter flying gracefully over the ocean(inside Tim Murphy talks to his pilot) the Pilot explains to Tim that he will not be touching down on this island as he's worked for the company 15 years and knows whats waiting there. Tim reluctantly accepts to "step off" at the Heliport. The Pilot then mumbles "There it is" as Tim slowly pulls himself alongside the passenger seat to take a look( camera zooms out to show helicopter approaching island and JP theme song fades in as credits float across the screen and we are teased by astounding views) The scene cuts to the heliport as the theme song ends and we see the helicopter drop low to the ground without touching down. Tim yells to the pilot "I'll be in touch" The Pilot responds "Good Luck Sir" and Tim Jumps off the helicopter falling the 5 ft or so to the ground(camera starts at feet and pans upward to reveal a much more manly, buff, Badass version of Tim Murphy) At this point you take control of the character for the first time and run through a brief tutorial on movement, gadget and weapon usage, and a few hints as to where you should go from here. The tutorial takes you through some gadgets such as your Laptop(To communicate with Field Experts and maybe some "Old friends") and a camera Which you can use to photograph the "Wildlife" in this open world RPG( a trophy would be awarded for certain photographs and an easter egg unlocked if you photograph all the species) Other tools would be found throughout the island at Arms Locker shed and the R and D building adjacent to the main lodge, where as you progress through the game certain special Gadgets will be unlocked) After this tutorial Your grandfather Vidlinks you on your Laptop and you use this tool for the first time to hear him tear you up for making a big mistake in going back to the Island and trying to do what Him and Ludlow failed to do. You of course are a hardened frightless version of Tim now, and hang up on him and Fully begin the game. Your overall goal being to visit the many power stations across the island and re-starting the Geo-thermal power grid so that your InGen team can actually have a chance to re-take the island(as they failed to do in Lost World on Site B) and as Tim you feel Its your responsibility to "go it alone " at first due to the loss of life in these endeavors in the past.

As you adventure across the Island in this open world RPG you encounter all for-mentioned icons, sights, & scenes. and are in constant contact with advisors and experts on your headset. You also receive messages or vidlinks from past stars of the franchise(Malcolm, Dr. Grant, Van Owen, Dr. Sattler, Dr Wu, Grandpa, and of course your Sister Lex who is nothing more than an earful when she manages to get a hold of you. Roland Tembo also makes an easter egg appearance on your laptop in your E-mail declining to be any part of this operation and re-stating his belief that InGen is the "company of death" You see the Aged park and explore it first hand on foot or by perhaps using vehicles found on the island that you can actually get started(Hint Hint)

Using the proper game engine for this game would be key to keep Tim's motion and the motion of the Dinosaurs Fluid and artistic.

My idea would be a darker version of the JP franchise and as the game is based on powering up this island again, It would be titled Jurassic Park: Dark

I have no idea who to send a script to and to tell you the truth I wouldn't trust anyone to do it justice if I wasn't there…..

Anyone got Plot ideas or versions of Games they have come up with It would be fun to hear what kind of stuff other people come up with, or if you want to add on to mine Im open to suggestions. My full plot is not available to this thread for obvious reasons, but i feel like I gave you enough of a taste to peak interest.

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