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Riddles of Monkey Island: time to recruit for this fan game!

posted by OzzieMonkey on - last edited - Viewed by 13.5K users
Yes, that's right, I'm making a monkey island fan game after the fan game post on the tales blog (thanks SWP) inspired me to do so. Only
thing is, it's just the highway and me working on it, so I want you guys, the MI fan community to pitch in and help
make a successful game, whether that's giving story ideas or volunteering for a specific position. I'm also going to be holding auditions for voice actors aswel ( although guybrush is taken, well, at least one of them, hehe), but for now any contributions to content would be great.

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  • Before you go trying to get stan into the game, here's a reminder:
  • I'm still up for voicing the Narrator if you should find yourself needing to use him.
  • I'm still up for writing/puzzle designing/dialogue writing.

    TITLE IDEA: The Barren Locker of Monkey Island (or BLOMI)

    No wait. that's a terrible idea.
  • I have no problem with Stan being in the game (and out of the coffin), just so long as he's locked back in there at the end. It probably won't disrupt the continuity all that much this way.

    But, if you plan on going with something like Silverwolfpet's idea, then might I suggest having Guybrush give Stan some food or something while he's in the coffin. Then we'll understand how he survives living in a coffin for so long.
  • Stan is going to be in the coffin the entire time, I have that part figured out, but the coffin will be a proper location; think the bottomless mug in Curse, but in a much broader sense.

    Now, to update (EDIT: again)

    Puzzle Design: SilverWolfPet
    Assistant Puzzle Design/Composer: TomPravetz
    Composer: SilverWolfPet
    Scripting/Programming: TomPravetz and Wusel
    I will PM Laserschwert about background design.

    Animation: MonkeyMania,
    Character Design: Monkey Mania

    Stan: SilverWolfPet
    Present Guybrush: The Highway
    Guybrush's Dad: GuruGuru214 ( I don't want to have the narrator in this, but I think the deep voice fits how I have always imagined Guybrush's Dad to sound like, even after MI2:SE

    Remolay, that's cool, you can send me samples whenever you can.

    Now, I just need to have a suitable program to do all this. I would like it to be MI2 style graphics, so pixels basically, so I guess AGS?
  • OzzieMonkey;403526 said:
    Guybrush's Dad: GuruGuru214 ( I don't want to have the narrator in this, but I think the deep voice fits how I have always imagined Guybrush's Dad to sound like, even after MI2:SE
    Sounds awesome. I'll try not to disappoint.
  • Stan's Obtained Items between MI2 and CMI

    business cards
    a purple jacket
    2 file cabinets
    a plant
    a calendar
    a water cooler
    a table lamp
    a pen
    a whole bunch of other junk.

  • Okay here's the plot moreover.

    The game opens with Elaine at the end of Monkey Island 2, standing on top of the remains of the "X marks the spot". She says her line from the last game, and it cuts to little Guybrush and
    "Chuckie" walking out of the tunnels and into the Big Whoop Amusement Park. the rest of MI2's ending plays out and then on the next screen Guybrush's parents turn back into skeletons and fall to pieces on the ground right next to the Madly Rotating Buccaneer (yes, I want to finally make a visual representation of that thing), while Lechuck turns into his true form which I'll have to think of later. Lechuck beats Guybrush with a porcelain vase and knocks him out. He awakes in a room of right now no description, let's say it's Stan's coffin for now, and we are faced with a Phatt Island jail stype scenario.

    That's all I have so far, and I know it's a bit rough, but with your help and some fine-tuning I'm sure I can make it a bit better.
  • MonkeyMania is also a pretty great artist (link).
  • Hayden;403542 said:
    MonkeyMania is also a pretty great artist (link).
    Ok, MonkeyMania is hired as character modeler and animator.

    Oh, and where is that laserschwert, I need him for backgrounds!
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