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Ideas for dialouge

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Post your ideas for potential dialouge in the game.

Heavy loses to tycho
(Heavy points his finger like a gun at Tycho)
tycho: Oh please threatening me with your invisible gun is not -
Heavy: POW!
(Tycho's head explodes)
Strong Bad: I may be a bit in over my head with this...
Max: Do it again! Do it again!

Edit: A competition to decide on the best suggested dialouge is now in progress. Here's the rules

1. You can nominate up to two snippets.
2. You cannot nominate yourself.
3. the top 5-10 willl be put into a poll and the a winner will be decided by puplic vote.
4. Their is no tangible reward for this contest. It's just a bit of fun. But maybe if Telltale takes notice...

P.S. You can nominate my enteries. Just saying ;)
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  • koiboi59;401440 said:
    -__- Did you see the above message in my post before my bad dialog idea? But he could still be either. I learned to never doubt how stupid people can be. But either way he is annoying so from now on, no more insulting him! It only makes him come back. Now back on topic from now and forever more.
    To be honest I didnt see your message.
  • Gman5852;401523 said:
    To be honest I didnt see your message.
    oh, well it doesn't matter, just try to remember not to respond to him anymore and he'll go away (maybe). Ok for reals, back on topic.
  • Tycho: So Heavy do you have a twin?
    Heavy: No why you say that?
    Strong Bad: Maybe because one of your enimies is a blue heavy
    Tycho: But he looks exac...
    Strong Bad: Just let it go, you gotta pick your battles.
  • Let's make some comments on the items being bet.

    I already put one under What Items the characters would bet:
    StrongBrush1;401759 said:

    Max: Where did you get that neat watch? ...and why is it covered with blood?
    Tycho: Gabe, uh, cut his finger, while he was, uh, giving it to me. I didn't kill him or anything.
  • I remember making one about the dangeresque 2 glasses I'm just to lazy to find it.
  • Max:Ok time to bet my baby.
    *puts lugermorph on table*
    Heavy:Oh I will trade you this unusualy hat for it
    Max:What no Im betting...
    Heavy:NO Ill trade you look
    Max:No seriously just...
    Heavy:Fine here crate could have something good in it

    That is basically every time I play tf2 with me being max, and the heavy being, well I guess there is a 1/9 chance of it being heavy.
  • Tycho: Yeah, the job's been killing me lately. I actually had to skip a day, just to stay sane.

    Strong Bad: Oh, I feel ya, man. Sometimes a guy just needs a good day-or-thirteen-months off of work.
  • I just joined just to make this quote! (weird..huh.)

    Heavy: I bet you dis cool hat for your puny leetle gun!
    Max: Alright, lets see.
    *Heavy puts down "Max's Severed Head", Max looks at him frightened and upset*
    Heavy: Is good?
    *cut to a cut scene of Heavy being kicked out of the building majorly injured.*
  • I wonder if there will be a Banang gag in this...
  • Characters losing item rounds:

    Heavy: I lose?! No! This can't be! Goodbye, my love.
    Strong Bad: Wow, I feel bad for ya, man.
    Heavy: It vill be fine. She vas unfaithful, anyway. But I will be back, comrades. With more money. And poker playing skills. As you say in your country, "peace".

    Tycho: Wait, I lost? Ohhhhh sunnuvabitch. Welp, I'm dead.
    Max: You're just losing a watch with some old ass video game character on it. What's there to die about?
    Tycho: Well, see, my roommate really wanted this watch-
    Strong Bad: -so badly, he'd brutally murdered you for it?
    Tycho: Huh, that's a pretty damn accurate guess. How'd you know that?
    Strong Bad: Ohhhhh, no reason.
    *zoom into Lappy under the table, showing a penny arcade comic*
    Tycho: Well, I'm off. If I show up in a box tomorrow, don't worry. I'll get better.

    Max: Well, jeez. I lost. Great, I have no weapon and Sam has no badge.
    Heavy: Couldn't leetle bunny just kill with hands?
    *zoom into max's face, surprised and then happy*
    Max: Ohhhhhh yesssssss. See you guys tomorrow. I'm gonna go get my hands dirty.
    Tycho: Wait, what will you do about the badge?
    Max: Don't know, don't care.
    Tycho: But-
    Max: DON'T. CARE.

    Strong Bad: Awwww, what the crap?! I thought I TOTALLY had the winning hand!
    Tycho: It's not really a major loss, is it?
    Strong Bad: What's that supposed to mean?
    Tycho: I mean, one, the sunglasses aren't yours. Two, it's a pair of FUCKING SUNGLASSES. I could get 15 pairs of those same sunglasses by just taking a shit and exchanging it to Wal-Mart.
    Strong Bad: Man, you never know when you need a pair of sunglasses. Like, um...when the sun is hot. And uh...when the sun is hot.
    Tycho: Yeah, nice excuses.
    Strong Bad: Whatever. See you guys later.
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