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(iPad users beware!) iTunes does *not backup* save data for third party games!!

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My girlfriend ran into a problem with her iPad, she had a recent backup so did a restore, confident that iTunes had backed up all of her data. After a while, all apps/games were restored, but it seems that *almost every third party app and game* failed to have their save data restored.

All save game data was lost.:mad:

Hours and hours of Broken Sword 2, Monkey Island 2... vanished.

I have posted about this here, on the Apple forum.

My question here, is simple -is it possible that the iPad save game data may be retreivable, or is there any way of importing another user's save game?

At this point, it is sad to say, that it seems the Jailbreak apps do a better job of backing up your iPad! All readers should be aware, iTunes does not backup your save data! Lose your iPad to data corruption or want to transfer/upgrade to another device in the future -forget it! Apple doesn't care ;'(

Thanks in advance, I really hope some bright soul may have some advice for the save game issue...


EDIT: this post specifically pertains to Secret of Monkey Island 2 Special Edition (iPad, IOS 3.2.2)
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  • It's entirely up to the applications. Whether data is backed up depends on where it is stored.

    iTunes backs up "user data", but not all data written by the app.

    So from your description, Telltale users should be fine.
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