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If BTTF is a hit, Quantum Leap next?

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After all, both series are owned by Universal.

And same as BTTF, the stars are still alive today!
(And since they're not MASSIVELY big names, not costly to hire for V.O!)

AND both were great character driven shows!

Screw the rumoured remake of LEAP into a movie, we need it continued RIGHT!

Ball's in your court Telltale.
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  • PimPamPet;404685 said:
    I think I've responded in a similar thread before, but yeah, I'd love a QL game. They really need to fix that horrible "ending" they tagged on at the end of the series. I also feel the same way about Twin Peaks. I really don't understand why David Lynch decided to make a prequel movie when the series ended on such a terrible cliffhanger!
    There is a GREAT example of what could be done if both BTTF and Quantum Leap crossed together to bring Dr. Sam Beckett home too.

    Sure, it's fan fiction, but how often is it pretty good?

    "Outatime was a Back to the Future/Quantum Leap crossover novel by J. Robert Holmes, Mary Jean Holmes, and Mary Wood. It was first published May 1991 by Alvyren Press. Mary Jean Holmes was the editor and she revised it in 1999. It is approximately 67,100 words."
  • How about that old TV show with the dinosaurs... and those sleestaks. What was it again?

    Oh, yeah, Sex and the City.
  • tredlow;404814 said:
    How about that old TV show with the dinosaurs... and those sleestaks. What was it again?

    Oh, yeah, Sex and the City.
    Don't give Telltale any ideas. S&TC made a TV show and TWO movies. That's more than FIREFLY got! :D
  • Interesting. Close margin, but Maybe and Yes beat the Nos so far.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    It's definitly a flawed poll. The thread title suggests that the question is wether a QL game should be done (i.e. "Do you want a QL game?"), while the poll itself treats the question as if people were asked if they think that it's a possibility ("Does TTG consider making a QL game?").

    I'm not sure what thoughts go into voting. For example, would all the people who'd want an early ToMI2 or S&M4 have to vote "no", because QL would take up too much of Telltale's precious time?
  • As Telltale grows, they want to work their way up, acquiring the rights to larger and larger licenses. Bigger licenses mean bigger fanbases of those licenses, meaning more attention for Telltale.

    A Quantum Leap game would...certainly be interesting, but in terms of raw popularity it's a step down from Back to the Future and Jurassic Park.
  • I see the Ziggy joke was already made in the poll. I've no business here then
    Irishmile;404573 said:
    No I have an insatiable apatite for all things Monkey Island.... Its a curse... the Curse of Monkey Island if you will.... The only franchise I accept as a suitable replacement is Sam and Max... but its still not the same.
    Stretch out those horizons. Besides, nobody likes overkill, give Monkey Island a wee while yet ;)
  • What Cliffhanger?Sam works now as a timeagent for heaven and will never return home.
  • Watching the show "Quantum Leap", I couldn't help but to wonder "Wouldn't this be a perfect series to be adapted into a graphic adventure series by Telltale?"

    Like the show, each episode would have Sam leap into a new body and different date. Then you would have to deduce where you are, who you are and what's your objectives. You would explore the locations, examine the items and chat with the people. The series is owned by Universal, however I would assume the deal with Universal only allows Telltale to create series based on Back to the Future and Jurassic Park.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    As you can see, I invested a lot of thought into the idea as evidenced in the thread I just merged your topic with. :D

    Keep the dream alive (or something)... ;)
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