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Poker Night Countdown/ Impatient Waiters Anonymous

posted by divisionten on - last edited - Viewed by 5.8K users
You know who you are. You're the person in Berlin sitting with three different alarms set to Telltale Time. Or that dude in Australia who keeps a clock set to Standard Pacific over their Devil's Playhouse poster set.

Well, right now it is 5AM on Sunday morning Pacific Time, or exactly 28 hours until Telltale opens its doors on Monday.

As we all know, a Monday release could really be as late as 5PM Telltale time (aka 36 hours from now), or in some rare cases even later (lookin' at you, City that Dares Not Sleep). What are you going to do in the next 28~36 or so hours until Poker Night's release?

Who else is jumping out of their seats?
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  • Brainiac;404963 said:
    Is it wrong that my first reaction on seeing the cover is wondering if the book was an Asimov tribute? The author's name beginning with "R." like Asimov's own positronic creations certainly helps that sense along.
    Good job! Asimov's been my biggest influence. My writing's a lot more cynical than his, though.
  • If you need some help passing the time, read through the dialouge ideas thread. There's a lot of hilarious dialouge there. (Except for pepsiboy's stuff which more hilarious in a Full Life Concequenses kind of way if you catch my drift.)
  • I'll be sure to check it out at some point, RA, it does look like a good read!
  • yah im ordering it today. I can't wait to get it.
  • Grrrrrr, I'll be at work till 4pm tommorow, in the knowledge that everyone else is enjoying the game (well most people)

  • GeorgeC;405021 said:
    Grrrrrr, I'll be at work till 4pm tommorow, in the knowledge that everyone else is enjoying the game (well most people)

    Or they'll have their shirts eaten by Max far sooner than you will. Just a consideration.
  • gman5852;404924 said:
    techinicaly speaking if it was midnight, then it would be tuesday:d
    ba-dum tisssshhh!!!!
  • FitzoliverJ;404968 said:
    I wouldnae count on Steam being in a position to push it through at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning GMT. Even Telltale are likely to be another twelve hours or so.
    Someone clearly has never seen a planned Steam launch before. Chances are, the team finish(ed) the game today/yesterday or maybe even Friday, and sent it off to Valve along with the models for TF2 weapons to ensure it would be ready for release.
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    Whether it comes out at 5am or 5pm I'm in a lecture after lecture until 4, at which point I must drive home, meaning I'm not getting there until 6pm! (Damn University life)
  • If I'm lucky, then I will finish work, come home, have some dinner, and spend the rest of the evening playing poker. If I'm not lucky, then I'll spend the entire of tuesday morning playing poker. Either way, I'll have some good quality time set aside for it!
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