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placing the order for sam & max dvd

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After lurking on the website months ago, I now see people cheering that the DVD has arrived. Good news!
So now I also want to order the DVD, but just like months ago, it still isn't clear enough for me - I don't go around clicking on "buy this and that" if I don't know what I'm ordering (actually this would be the first thing I order off the world wide web) so hear me out:

What I want?
I just want the Sam & Max DVD with all episodes. I didn't really like the idea of it being 6 different games on 1 DVD, but if you guys think people don't get annoyed by that, we'll just wait that out ;)

What I don't want?
To download the episodes. Whatever link I click, I always see something about "download the episodes and get the DVD for free". Really, I just want the DVD.

So OK, I guess you guys know what you're doing - I'll go with it. Order it, proceed to checkout hoping to order a DVD, and now at the end I see this:

What do I make out of this? Some bonus DVD with extras and all seperated episodes to download?? This might seem OK to some, and it might get me the DVD with all episodes, but is it really that hard to change the description into "Sam & Max season 1 DVD with all episodes on it".
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  • The DVD in our store has the six episodes on it, as well as bonus video content. We refer to it as the "bonus DVD" because it started out as a bonus for our season one customers (people who bought the downloads from us before the season was completed). Since the season is now complete, the disc is available at the same time you place your order for the downloads.

    If you buy from our store, you can only get the DVD as a freebie along with the downloadable episodes. Since the DVD contains all six episodes, you don't have to download them. You can buy the Season One downloads + bonus disc, ignore the downloads, and only use the versions of the games on the bonus disc. But there is no way to buy just the bonus disc; it's always bundled together with the Season One downloads in our store.

    There is also a retail version of Season One that is being sold by The Adventure Company in North America and JoWood in Europe. If it seems too weird for you to be buying downloads that you're not going to use, you might just want to get the retail version instead. :D
  • Hi Emily,
    thanks for the explanation. I'll go ahead and order it now from you guys iso Amazon or someone else to show my support (JoWood didn't seem to have it in their store yet).

    I hope everything works out OK and I'll get the DVD so I'll soon be ROFLOL with Max ;)
  • To Telltale/Emily,

    Maybe to help you guys out:
    I just received an e-mail that my order has been received hurray :) Way to excite me! :p

    Here's some interesting things about it:
    How do I get the CD version of Season 1?
    Everyone who buys the Season 1 collection can choose to receive a CD version when the season's over. You'll have the option to sign up for this at the end of the season.
    CD? I already asked for a DVD version, and the season is already over, so I should be receiving it already...
    Oh, by the way, before we forget... you can review your purchase history at any time by logging in at our website,clicking on "options", and then "Past Purchases".
    There's no "options" on the website, I found it under "Account".
  • Oops - that text about the CD is old and needs to be changed. Thanks for letting us know!
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