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Hey. I haven't gotten Poker Night at the Inventory yet (not being able to get to my computer until late at night today is pure torture right now :( ), but I watched the opening cutscene on YouTube and was surprised to see you're introduced by a familiar face!


Since the Monkey Island games (Tales included) are LucasArts property, how does this work? I doubt Telltale would've gotten permission from LucasArts to include Monkey Island characters without having you play against Guybrush. Is it because, since he was created by Telltale, Telltale owns Winslow despite not owning Monkey Island itself? Or, since this guy is wearing different clothes and is (as far as I know) never addressed by name, could he just be a new character who happens to look and sound exactly like Winslow? ;)

Just curious. I'm so excited to play this game. I can barely wait!
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