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[Poker Night] Activating the Telltale version on Steam?

posted by Borracho on - last edited - Viewed by 214 users
Steams' version just crashes to desktop for me.

Telltales' version plays right as rain but Steam Achievements remain locked/unreachable. Any way I can link the two?
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  • It's weird, I bought the game on Telltale, play it on steam with no problem. I think you might want to know why it crashes first (since you seem to be the only one to have the problem).
  • I just checked Steams' forums on PNI and it's full of crashing complaints...something is up with that.
  • OK I found a workaround/fix, posting here for everyone's convenience.

    Install the Telltale version and set the game's resolution to your monitors' native.

    Then install the Steam version and it will miraculously play. Now to try uninstalling the Telltale one and see if it still works :D
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