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Slow Framerate?

posted by JakePride on - last edited - Viewed by 146 users
Hey there everyone. I have recently been playing Poker Night and I seem to have a lag issue. I can't change my graphic or shadows setting any lower, they are just there for show it looks like. Also, is antialiasing being forced on?
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  • I don't know what's wrong with it, but I'm having the same problem even when I turn everything all the way down.
  • A total longshot: but I had the same issue on my laptop and here is what was going on with me. I have the Nvidia Optimus dual-graphics deal, and the game was defaulting to using the integrated intel graphics. I had to go into the Nvidia control panel and tell it to use the GeForce GPU in my machine.

    However, if you are just using a standard PC without switchable graphics, then this obviously won't help you.

    One other thought - when my game was running using the Intel Graphics chip, I had the same thing where you couldn't change the graphics settings. Just so you know, when the game is running correctly, there should be little buttons to the left and right of the setting allowing you to switch what the graphics level is. So it is possible, that your GPU is below minimum specs for this game.
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