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Monkey Island (Animated?) Movie Concept

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So, this other day I was thinking about a general outline of how a Monkey Island movie would look like (you know, dreams and stuff), taking a few things in mind:

1. LeChuck must have more depth than a simple cartoony villain.
2. Relationships between Elaine and Guybrush must develop more slowly (I doubt that a two-conversations-turning-into-love will look good in a cinematic media)
3. It must use the central Secret of Monkey Island elements, but not resemble the game (or the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie :p ) so much so it would be a total clone (though, of course, there will be similarities).

And I give to you the first version of the concept of my variant of a MI movie (since this is a concept and an outline, don't expect TOO much details in most places):

1. Prologue.
A young Guybrush Threepwood is found by Captain Marley. After interacting with his granddaughter, Elaine Marley, Guybrush decides for himself that he wants to become a pirate. He is left on Plunder Island.

2. Part I.
A now grown-up Guybrush Threepwood lives on Plunder Island, where many retired pirates settle to live after their glory days are gone. Guybrush tries very hard to join a pirate crew, if a pirate ship ports, but, so far, to no avail. Until one day, the famous fearsome pirate LeChuck (note: human) docks. And, surprisingly enough, he takes Guybrush on his crew.

LeChuck acts as Guybrush's mentor (becoming quite fond of the boy, presumably because he really is LeChuck's brother), teaching him the art of insult swordfighting, how to dig up treasures, and steal stuff, besides other things. LeChuck's crew plunders a lot of treasure, and the pirate captain tells Guybrush about the beautiful Governor of Melee Island, Elaine Marley, whom's heart he tries to win. (NOTE: And maybe something about Monkey Island and it's secret)

3. Part II.
On Melee Island, LeChuck visits Elaine. She, however, tells him to drop dead, so LeChuck decides to be the first human ever to discover the Secret of Monkey Island, to win Elaine's heart! He leaves Guybrush on Melee, saying it's a too much dangerous endeavor, and sails away.

Guybrush hurries to Elaine with those news, she feels guilty, so they get a ship, gather a crew to catch up with LeChuck and stop him (since, as we all know, nobody survived the trip to Monkey Island). On their journey, I guess, Guybrush and Elaine develop deeper feelings toward eachother.

They don't know, however, that meanwhile LeChuck was catched by a very dangerous storm, which kills him - but he and his crew are raised as ghosts.

Now, I'm not sure exactly if LeChuck discovers the Secret or not, but the point is, the Sea Monkey (I guess, why Guybrush and Elaine shouldn't sail the Sea Monkey? :p ) and LeChuck's ghost ship lock in a battle; LeChuck being enraged by Guybrush's and Elaine's love and the fact that Guybrush betrayed him. He manages to take Elaine, and destroys the ship.

4. Part III
Guybrush wakes up on Monkey Island. With the help of Herman Toothrot and the Cannibals, he must escape it and rescue Elaine.

Now, this, along with the Prologue, is the part I thought least about. But, I guess, it will go as it did in the game: Elaine doesn't really need saving, Guybrush battles LeChuck and in the end destroys his ghost form, Elaine and Guybrush get together.


Well, something like that. There are some things that must be changed, most likely, but if told in a Monkey Island-ish style (a serious story told in a humorous way), I think it would've been a movie I actually would like to see, and would enjoy it.

I really dig the concept of LeChuck being Guybrush's-mentor-turned-ghost-and-feeling-betrayed-by-Guybrush, I think that would add the needed depth a movie villain needs, and that's the one thing I would never like to see changed.

I know I will have to evade a lots of tomatoes and garbage thrown in my way after this post :p But, anyway, opinions?
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  • LeChuck always seemed like a laid-back villain. I can't see him getting really angry.
  • Hayden;400995 said:
    Just on a side-note, I think that Largo should be included, whether it be as a minor cameo or as a prominent main or supporting character. Because he mentions that he is LeChuck's right-hand-man [in 'LeChuck's Revenge', but there is no mention of him prior to MI2. So if he were to be thrown in there somewhere (or if there were to be some sort of mention of him, even), then that would be nice.
    I agree, it'd be a good way to keep Largo from being a 'what, who is this guy?' sort of character, which he kind of was in LCR. I mean, you can sort of rationalize it away that he wasn't on board when LeChuck went to monkey island and so really didn't have a place on the ghost pirate crew of SoMI, but it's still always been a continuity wrinkle that's bugged me a little
    Farlander;400903 said:

    Also, now that I think about it, if we are to subvert the Governor-kidnapping (with Elaine helping Guybrush to save LeChuck), we could go subverting all the way, i.e. Elaine doesn't get captured/kidnapped at all in the whole movie. As a strong piratey character, though, she can easily sneak up on the enemy ship and do some sabotaging :p
    I'm all for Elaine getting a bigger role in the SoMI-ish plot. Seeing her getting in on the piratey action right off the bat would be amazing.
  • Largo, Bob, and Murray could all be crewmembers on LeChuck's crew (Quartermaster, First Mate, and Lookout?)
  • If the guy who turned Monkey Island into a highschool play had used your ideas it would have been so much cooler.

    EDIT: Now I've thought about it, Elaine would still have to get kidnapped or else there'd be no incentive for Guybrush to go looking for LeChuck at Monkey Island.
  • If the guy who turned Monkey Island into a highschool play had used your ideas it would have been so much cooler.
    I take that as a compliment, so, thanks :)
    Now I've thought about it, Elaine would still have to get kidnapped or else there'd be no incentive for Guybrush to go looking for LeChuck at Monkey Island.
    Well, in my variant it's more like 'EMI'-style Monkey Island, in a sense that Guybrush's goal will be not to find something there specifically, but to Escape it.

    But still, the Monkey Island bit is a... bit of a pain in the ass, to be honest. Despite being the reason why the series is named Monkey Island, in my opinion, all the Monkey Island parts from the three games it had been in (including SoMI) are the weakest. And also look quite out of place (apart from SoMI, where it's not out of place only because LeChuck kidnaps a damsell in distress and has a hidden base there... it's still the weakest part of the game, IMO).
  • I was thinking about the reasons of LeChuck and Guybrush's rivalry, and I feel that just Elaine is kind of not enough, seems too shallow. Until an idea of a small dialogue between LeChuck and Guybrush came to my head, presumably after LeChuck kicks the living hell out of Guybrush for a bit.

    LC: You know, Guybrush, I love you... as a person.
    G: Then why don't you just kill me right now?
    LC: Ha, good one! But seriously, I'm proud of you. Just look what have you done! Took away the love of my life, robbed me, turned my crew against me and destroyed the only possible way to learn the Secret of Monkey Island, to name a few. You have become quite a mighty pirate, but, sadly, that means you've also become my competitor. And, you're right, I have to kill you. After all, I don't want to lose my status as the most fearsome pirate of the Seven Seas, do I?

    I know it's a bit corny, but it is late and it does sound cool both in Earl Boen's and Kevin Blackton's voice in my head, especially if we talk about a chivalrish-type LeChuck who kinda still does toy around with Guybrush.

    But, the main point is, I think that this shows quite well what Guybrush has to do to make LeChuck actually want to kill him (and when Guybrush will kill LeChuck, well, then Chuckie will become really angry), now the problem is to turn these words into action.

    EDIT: The biggest irony being, that the goofy and naive Guybrush of the first movie would do all the things above out of all possible noble decisions, but him realizing what he actually has done and having to kill LeChuck will, further along the road, turn him into the Guybrush better known from MI2 - a pesky bitch :p
  • I think it could even work from Pixar. Monkey Island has that kind of humor.
  • It's not exactly Monkey Island related... but I LOVED this animated short, Pyrats :)
  • If you want a movie that has the same feel as Monkey Island, I would strongly recommend "Pirates of the Great Salt Lake"! It's like if Guybrush was born in the modern world. The main guy is even a blondie, though his sidekick is the one going after a girl. There's treasure, a curse, and much randomness.
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