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POKER NIGHT: Poker rules issues in game

posted by poingpoing on - last edited - Viewed by 5.7K users
the blinds are being done incorrectly when it gets to heads up play.

during heads up play in texas hold'em the small blind is supposed to be the button and the big blind is the other player. the button/small blind acts first pre-flop and acts last post-flop. currently in the game, the button is big blind during heads up play, and this leads to the button having last action pre-flop AND post-flop.

I hope someone from telltale games can see this and patch the mistake.
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    HoboStew Telltale Staff
    Good catch, I cant believe nobody saw this! I am fining myself $10,000. I hope we get a chance to fix that, we will see. Not really up to me unfortunately.
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    HoboStew Telltale Staff
    We only announce the winner of the biggest pot. If there is a side pot with a different winner, that wont get called out, but the money should all be in the correct place. You can get into some crazy sidepot situations and we didn't want to spend 10 minutes calling out a bunch of names when the pot resolves, so we took the shortcut of just announcing the winner of the big $$$
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    I noticed a few times, it'll announce the winner, but give the pot to somebody else. No sidepot was in play, Max and I were all In, he beat me with a flush, yet pot went my way?
  • I witnessed a very similar situation; I had 2 pair and Max had 1 pair and it announced that Max won. Only the 2 of us were in.

    I was all in, so it sounds like what happens is that I go all in, 2 other players call and they bet. One of them ends up folding, then even though I end up in a 1v1 situation for the remainder of the hand it announces the other player as the winner since he won money from the player who folded earlier.

    This is actually pretty confusing as a player, but I'm not sure how to fix it.
  • Standard poker rule is that a raise must be equal or greater than the previous bet. I find it really pestering when I bet 5000 after the flop, and then Max re-raises 400 more.
  • The same thing happens pre-flop, too. I think I saw this in the very first hand I played... I was like, "Well, this is an inauspicious beginning." Luckily it doesn't come up too often.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Did Max only put in $400, or was that the amount he raised after checking you? (as in, when he "raised $400," to your $5000 bet, did you see $5,400 disappear from his chipstack?)
  • Ok, I thought I knew poker, but this hand has me baffled.

    Strong Bad finished the hand with: 8 8 A Q 10
    The Heavy finished the hand with: 8 8 A 10 6

    The game stated that The Heavy won the hand.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't Strong Bad have won this hand with the better kickers? If so, this is a SERIOUS problem.
  • I'm playing a hand right now that shows The Heavy with a $600 blind..... and no other blind.

    Was this game tested at all?
  • This happened to me quite often, mostly when another player (who should then have had the blind) was busted the previous round.

    I believe that is what happened with you, could you confirm?
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