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POKER NIGHT: Graphics, FrameRate, Slow Mice, etc (problems / solutions).

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Help them help us...

So that Telltale can work on getting a fix made, released sooner, please provide a description of the issue in detail and what your system specs are.

System Specs help alot, so please provide as much as you can.
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  • I have no graphics. Everything is pitch black except for the menu at the beginning, and even there the options are blank. (For example, I see the word "DIFFICULTY" but there's a blank space where the current difficulty setting should be.) I've got a thread on the Support forum explaining things in more detail.
  • SunnyGuy;406122 said:
    Just a slow but still playable everything at the lowest settings, which feels weird because it could handle The Devil's Playhouse really well.
    Now I am scared. I hope it will run on my PC at all. *keeps fingers crossed*
  • OS: Vista Home Premium 64-bit
    Processor: Pentium Dual-core E5200 2.50 GHz
    RAM: 6 GB
    Graphics: Intel G33/G31

    I have the same problem that many people do as described in this thread. After the Telltale logo, I get the menu screen with a black background. If I click play, I can hear the sounds of the game starting, but see nothing but blackness. If I try to change the screen resolution/aspect ratio or switch the game from full screen to windowed mode, it crashes. This is the first Telltale game I've ever had this problem with. "Devil's Playhouse" was slow at times, but I was able to play all episodes all the way through with no problems.
  • Mine was a bit sluggish, but OK. Shadows were ugly and jaggied. Turned them off completely (and turned off subtitles) and now it's running great.
  • Not graphics, but as an appropriate place to post this as I knew of. Turning off bleeps doesn't work perfectly. I suppose that's better than the reverse, though.
  • So if I get a new Laptop, what Videocard do you recommend me to get?

    I want to be able to play this and BttF easily.
  • image

    I played it once successfully (slow as fuck but the game loaded up), I changed the resolution and now this is all I get. There's no menu text. I have to alt+f4 to close back out. I've reinstalled three times. Any thoughts? Does anybody know where the save or config files are located?
  • Don't forget to keep an eye on the threads in the Support Forum to see if anyone is experiencing the same problems as yourself and finding workarounds.
  • Ah, I love my XP and its uncanny ability to never be incompatible with contemporary PC games. Except those that have an OS restriction, of course.

    On that note, 64-bit Vistas/7s seem to have a lot more problems than their 32-bit counterparts. Befitting of Microsoft, 'tis.
  • I was planning on getting a proper gaming desktop computer around April next year, but it looks like I may have to shell out a little earlier...
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