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Telltale's Dream "At the Inventory" Line-Up?

posted by Andy of Comix Inc on - last edited - Viewed by 1.7K users
This question is specifically aimed at Telltale staffers.

The characters in Poker Night appear to be relatively easy to get ahold of. Since Telltale owns the Sam & Max license, as well as being good friends with the Homestar Runner and Valve guys; with Penny Arcade... well I'm not sure of Penny Arcade's PRs but I would imagine they wouldn't be excruciatingly difficult.

So, seeing as the characters are within arm's length - what would your dream "At the Inventory" line-up be? If you could pick any four characters from all of a video-game history, with no obligations - giving them their exact voice, likeness and personality with no strings attached - who would you see duking it out At the Inventory?

I myself would probably get, say, Duke Nukem, Master Chief from Halo, Pacman (or some other relatively old-school character), and Lara Croft, or something. Some of the most iconic (or just plain stupid) characters in all of gaming, and milking every satire or parody you can out of them. Master Chief and Duke Nukem in particular, two very one-dimensional characters, I would love to see comically exploited for our amusement.

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