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Interesting glitch

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So Strong Bad had put in his Dangeresque glasses for offer.

At one point, The Heavy, Strong Bad, and I all went all in at each others necks. The Heavy and I had the exact same cards, but different suits. In the end, Strong Bad had a full house (three 9's and two 10's) while the Heavy and I also got a full house (three 10's, two 9's). So Strong Bad was eliminated and the pot was split...

But I didn't get the glasses. What's more is that Strong Bad just sat there at the table with his glasses on. The game continued as normal but Strong Bad stayed at the table doing nothing.

I want them glasses for my Demoman :(
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  • Well, from what I know only the person who bankrupts him gets the prize.
    Don't know about him not moving though.
  • I had all sorts of crazy glitches. All of the sudden, the table was... out of place. People weren't in their right spots on their chairs, and the chips were partially floating in midair.

    One point, I was playing really badly. Heavy and Tycho were talking to each other while I did the long way of trying to hit "all in". After dragging out the meter and attempting to hit any button, the game didn't really let me do anything. I had to start a new game. Ah, the table is still out of place... Oh well.

    There were some other strange glitches. Right after Tycho was outed, Max started to say something I figured was new. But... Strong Bad cut him off. They were talking at the same time! I started laughing, but the Heavy started to do it too. They weren't even talking to each other! I was wondering if Tycho was doing somethin' over there...

    Max tried to leave, but I guess he decided to stay. Max just sat there, creepily staring at us while Strong Bad and I duel.
  • I actually had the exact same thing when the Heavy was offering his weapon, however, I DID get the weapon at the time. Odd.

    I also haven't actually encountered a lot of glitches, only that Max kept sitting at the table when he was busted.
  • Heavy went all in with 2000, tycho called, I went all in with 21 something thousand, tycho folds, heavy wins, I lose all my money. What the f***?

    Good game, by the way. I am enjoying it so far.
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