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POKER NIGHT: Poker rules issues in game

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the blinds are being done incorrectly when it gets to heads up play.

during heads up play in texas hold'em the small blind is supposed to be the button and the big blind is the other player. the button/small blind acts first pre-flop and acts last post-flop. currently in the game, the button is big blind during heads up play, and this leads to the button having last action pre-flop AND post-flop.

I hope someone from telltale games can see this and patch the mistake.
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  • EternalStar;406470 said:
    Is there any time in poker where a high card can beat a pair?
    No, that's just yet another instance of the side pot confusion we've been talking about. The second-best hand will win a side pot if the winning hand is not allowed to contest the side pot. If this side pot is larger than the main pot, then, for some strange reason, the game announces the side pot winner as the winner of the hand, but the main pot and side pots are still awarded correctly to the respective players.
  • If Telltale decided there's only time to announce one winner per round, it would be better if the game just called the one who, y'know, actually has the best hand; regardless of who is in what side pot, I mean. There would be a lot less confusion that way.
  • ok playing the game about to take out the heavy we both go all in i have pair 5 he had a 2 4 i had 5 6 the flop was K 5 10 8 7.
    can some1 tell me how he won and another one was 2 full houses both the same but one person takeing more of the pot??

    would like answers to these
  • Hello again,

    Has anyone ever experienced the situation where a player with 0$ would still stay at the table for several rounds, being given no cards, only staring at other players...?

    Pic here

    I should add that Max and Tycho should have left the game together, but for some reason Max is still here. Also, the side-pot displayed on the screen comes from the previous round. It looks like that Max is waiting to be awarded the side_pot, which may happen the next time a round involving the side-pot occurs, I don't really know as it's my current game... What do you think about it?
  • @Phil, When you go all in, you get unexpected results called due to the side pot bet, though everyone gets the correct amount of winnings. Have a look through this thread and you'll see some better explanations of what's happening.
  • Heavy went all in with 2000, tycho called, I went all in with 21 something thousand, tycho folds, heavy wins, I lose all my money. What the ...?
  • Jake;406078 said:
    Did Max only put in $400, or was that the amount he raised after checking you? (as in, when he "raised $400," to your $5000 bet, did you see $5,400 disappear from his chipstack?)
    Yes, 5400 came out of his chipstack, meaning he called the 5000 and raised 400 more. This is not a legal bet. The raise must be at least the amount of the previous bet, meaning his options in that situation is to call 5000, fold, or raise to at least 10000. Raising 400 more in that situation is nonsense.

    Here's a link and quote from wikipedia:

    In no-limit hold 'em, players may bet or raise any amount over the minimum raise up to all of the chips the player has at the table (called an all-in bet). The minimum raise is equal to the big blind. If someone wishes to re-raise, they must raise at least the amount of the previous raise. For example, if the big blind is $2 and there is a raise of $6 to a total of $8, a re-raise must be at least $6 more for a total of $14.
  • It looks like that rule only applies to reraises, not regular raises. Didn't you say Max raised 400 over your initial bet of 5000? That would still be legal, provided the big blind was less or equal to 400.
  • My poker name doesn't change (strange in my opinion), some graphics problems (chips staying in the middle of the table for no good reason) some blinds and pot issues ( doing all-ins larger than your opponent might result in losing all the money). These are the main problems I found.
  • Harald B;406691 said:
    It looks like that rule only applies to reraises, not regular raises. Didn't you say Max raised 400 over your initial bet of 5000? That would still be legal, provided the big blind was less or equal to 400.
    We've already discussed the subject to death in this thread. Robert's Rules of Poker (which is the most popular rule set, but this particular rule is observed in virtually all rule sets) says it applies to any raise. It's item #6 under "betting and raising" on this page.

    I'm editing the Wikipedia article to match the standard rule.
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