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POKER NIGHT: Graphics, FrameRate, Slow Mice, etc (problems / solutions).

posted by CoolJosh3k on - last edited - Viewed by 6.7K users
Help them help us...

So that Telltale can work on getting a fix made, released sooner, please provide a description of the issue in detail and what your system specs are.

System Specs help alot, so please provide as much as you can.
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  • Heavy went all in with 2000, tycho called, I went all in with 21 something thousand, tycho folds, heavy wins, I lose all my money. What the f***?

    Good game, by the way. I am enjoying it so far.
  • ^ There's another sticky thread for discussion of unexpected poker rules/situations in the game.
  • I only got dealt one card.. is this a bug?

    Screen shot here:
  • What I've been told/what I know so far,
    This is NOT only an ATI issue.
    Some people are able to see the background and some aren't.
    "attempting to change the resolution at all will crash the game to desktop."
    Menu screen just shows "play game,setting,and quit."
    "Got pieces of telltale logo, then ripped menu, then phrase about $10 000 steaks, then half of screen is filled with game screen then crash."
    "managed to get it to start the very first time. Went to settings, maxed out the graphics, tried to switch resolution to my max (2560x1600) and the game hung. For thirty seconds, followed by a CTD."
    Restarting your computer does not make it work.
    Reinstalling the game does not make it work.
    Most people say verifying integrity of game ache doesn't work.
    Menus all chopped up. Blank intro and game play.
    "heavy went all in. and no options appeared afterwards. had to start a new tournament"
    "Game dosent even load for me"
    "When I click play a send error report pops up."
    "Poker Night at the Inventory failed to start (Error Code 80)"
    "Poker Night at the Inventory failed to start (Error Code 51)"
    Only 1 card showing/being dealt.
  • Greetings!

    I am suffering from a slow mouse and framerate issues.

    Here are my specs:

    Toshiba Satellite L500
    Celeron Dual Core CPU T3000
    1.8GHz Processor
    2.0 GB RAM
    Windows 7 - 32 Bit Version

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  • @scotty: Have you turned shadows off?
  • ^graphics on low, shadows off, bleeping off and subtitles turned on
    I'm on a toshiba laptop dual core running vista my graphics card is some crap integrated intel thing
    My game has not crashed and I'm having a lot of fun playing it :)
  • The game starts with sound and tell logo then the menu appears with play game but a black background. There is still sound as I click play game and it loads but black screen the whole time with sound until dealer guy says time to buy in or something and then crash's the game with error report. This is highly disappointing and let me know if you have any ideas at all! I would love to play this game!
  • The team is aware of the issues that have been brought forward so far and are looking into them.
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