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Spoilers In This Thread: Lines You Liked

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"I'm not holding Pokemon cards over here."

Surprise reference I didn't see coming. Any other good lines people have heard?
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  • I just recently discovered Penny Arcade, but Tycho is the character that makes me laugh the most.

    I do enjoy the jokes about TF2. I've been playing that game far too long.
  • I got a conversation where Strong Bad asked Heavy if he could hook him up with a hot Russian spy, and Heavy said something along the lines of "I know guy who can get you hot spy. His name is PYRO."And then Tycho had to explain to Strong Bad that the spy in this case would be on fire.
  • I love that the Heavy listed "Where's an Egg" as his homeland's favorite game.
  • Dachannien;406290 said:
    Someone elsewhere suggested that this was a nod to the G-Man from Half-Life 1 and 2. I kind of doubt it, though.
    A friend of mine thought exactly the same thing and I agree with him. Now we're referring to Sam as G-Sam or G-Dog for the rest of our lives.

    Some of my favorite lines are Tychos giraffe conversation and when Strong Bad asks Max if he's a Pokemon. I'm sure there's many many more I've yet to uncover but right now Tycho is the most fun character, with Max being shockingly the least funny for me.
  • 'Did you guys see that cocktail waitress earlier? I'm gonna go see her policy on talking rabbits with cunning wit and never-ending stamina.'
  • Good lord, that conversation about giraffes with Tycho and Max. Oh man, that was ****ing priceless XD
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