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S&M Devils Playhouse disk update

posted by Paul on - last edited - Viewed by 253 users
Is there any chance of a definitive update on what is happening with the S&M Devils Playhouse disk.

I've had an order sitting around since 1st Sept due to this and multiple timeframes for the disk being ready have passed by so a proper update especially whether the disk will be ready in time for Xmas deliveries would be appreciated.
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  • Sorry you guys have been in the dark. The discs are definitely done from Telltale's end of things, and are now with the manufacturer / distributor, who should start sending discs out very soon if they haven't already (sorry, I'm not looped in on where things are in getting all that stuff turned around). So, it should be very soon for everybody!
  • Awesome, I'm looking forward to this. Not just because I have the collector's edition disc preordered, but because I also decided to order the complete animated series alongside it while I was at it. Here's hoping it comes in before Christmas, that'd be an awesome present from Telltale! XD
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