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Max believes in the devil?

posted by JohnJohn on - last edited - Viewed by 466 users
Well you may be like HUUUUUH? Well I was playing poker night and this is how max won:image
6,6,6,K,K. (lets not mention that if there was an extra K there) So I say to myself, its just a coincidence. So the next round, max goes all in, and this is max's winning numbers. image
So I message Sord and this is what he said:
5:30 PM - Johnny: Sord
5:30 PM - Johnny: is it odd
5:31 PM - Johnny: that max has won 2 times
5:31 PM - Johnny: and both were because he had 666?
5:32 PM - Johnny: in a row too
5:32 PM - SORD.....: two hands in a row?
5:32 PM - Johnny: yes
5:32 PM - Johnny: Are you trying to say something about max?
5:32 PM - Johnny: HMMMMM?
5:33 PM - SORD.....: one of meny shocking secrets woven into the poker logic
So there you guys go, Max believes in the devil
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