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Tables and Decks

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First off, can we work together to get a list of them all? Once we're done, what's your favorite to play with?

Here's what I've got so far:


The Inventory
Max Imp
Telltale Games
Automata (turns screen greyscale)
Red Team (Heavy gets visor)
Fruit Fucker
Videlectrix(32-bit SB)
Strong Badia
Team Fortress 2
Twisp & Catsby
Max & Crossbones(Skeleton Max)
Freelance Police
TTG Shield(Skeleton Max, 32-bit SB, Heavy's visor, Greyscale)


The Inventory
Team Fortress 2
Homestar Runner
Sam & Max
Penny Arcade
Poker Night

Please halp add if you can.
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