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Totally love this game. One concern, though - after playing it for a while, eventually they're gonna tell the same old stories and have the same old conversations. Now, for $5, what do I expect, right? Sure. But I would pay Real American Cash Money for more dialogue and more characters.

The extra characters wouldn't even have to play - it could be Sam stopping in to see what's going on, watching the game and commenting from the peanut gallery. Or The Cheat could drop by and fill in for Strong Bad while he goes to the bathroom. ;)

Just have fun with it! :D
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  • Totally agree! I'd pay much more for more character appearances, more dialog, and perhaps some easter eggs!
  • I was interested by the idea of expansions - and that this Inventory club could be a recurring place that the programmers just build up. Maybe it could have pool/snooker next? And you could then wander about a bit more freely between the two.
  • Since Flint Paper is hanging around the joint, perhaps he'd like to join us for a hand?

    Being able to wander around the joint in general would be quite cool, perhaps getting to play the arcade game or chat to the barman.
  • Alf Fly wrote: »
    Since Flint Paper is hanging around the joint, perhaps he'd like to join us for a hand?

    I think Flint would be my #1 choice for an expansion. But also Bender, who you could sort of count 'cos there have been Futurama games... Actually, make that Farnsworth. Actually, can we just have Futurama Poker?
  • Expansions would work oddly, because they'd need to record crazy amounts of dialogue between the existing characters and the new characters each time...

    I'd be happy if they just made a 'new game with a new set of four characters', because even though you wouldn't be able to mix and match characters from this game, it actually sounds feasable! As long as there was an option to keep your stats sheet and money won records from this game, it'd be great.

    The main thing I'd want is a female character though, say Elaine or someone... not someone 'too feminine' like Marzipan, but someone who can actually still be witty, charismatic, and mocking towards the guys when she needs to be, but have a naturally different personality in the smalltalk.
  • More Sam and Max/Homestar Runner characters would be the easiest to implement, since Telltale already have the rights to use them in Poker Night. (Not to mention that if you can get Matt to voice Strong Bad, you can get him to voice...almost every other Homestar Runner character.)

    It'd be nice if we saw a little more of Winslow (or Dealer-Who-Resembles-But-Is-Legally-Distinct-From-Winslow, at least), I think.
  • I'd pay $4 or so for four new characters and new dialogue. (I say $4 because I figure the characters and dialogue are pretty much 4/5 of the $5 Poker Night.) As far as which characters to choose, I'd go with a few less obvious choices. I can see some hilarious interactions between Bubs, Momma Bosco, Gabe, and the Medic. After all, we already know that Momma Bosco goes to the Inventory based on the opening cinematic.
  • I was thinking this but mainly for more TF2 items.
  • evan223 wrote: »
    I was thinking this but mainly for more TF2 items.

    That'd be a good idea, too. I didn't think of it because I don't play TF2, but it still makes sense :)
  • I was thinking that they add more TF2 items. I mean, the game has one bonus(lugermorph), one weapon(iron curtain,) one misc (the glasses,) one hat (pre order visor,) one pin(badge,) and one defense weapon(watch.)

    Maybe if they do an expansion they do a similar formula with one of each

    I would like to see an extra character or two, but someone that is not a S&M or a Homestar char since we have one of each already, but someone new and easy to get the license to like maybe Doc Brown from BTTF or Francis from L4D.

    Be cool to see old TT licensed chars like Phoney Bone
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