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Other Characters?

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If you could have one more character from each series wich ones would you have. As for me:

Div (The alchohlic DIVX player from Penny Arcade)
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  • Please get back to the topic in hand people.

    For instance what item do you think diffrent character would bet?
  • guybrush20X6;400341 said:
    Please get back to the topic in hand people.

    For instance what item do you think diffrent character would bet?
    Well we already know that but if it was my choice:

    Heavy: Sasha
    Max: Luger (well who doesn't want that luger)
    Strong bad: Either the Nunchuckgun, his Dangeresque glasses, or the cheat
    Tycho: Fruit fucker or maybe div
  • guybrush20X6;400341 said:
    Please get back to the topic in hand people.

    For instance, what item do you think different characters would bet?
    Homestar: Souvenir Melonade Cup

    Sam: His giant Revolver

    Medic: Fancy new Medigun

    Gabe: Div
  • Ian Malcom would be awesome playing poker.

    Malcom: You see... The cards... Uhhh... The cards... Chaos theory, you know... Your cards, have been uuhh, selected, for extinction, because I uuh... I win, yup. That's basically right. Yeah.

    Grant: (out of nowhere) IAN, FREEZE!

    Sorry, I'm terrible at this :p
  • oh wow i failed i misread!
  • StrongBrush1;400501 said:
    Homestar: Souvenir Melonade Cup
    Or a Melonade can! Just imagine how plain awesome it would be to win one of those:

  • It would crack me up if scout drank the Butt 1 flavour one and commented
    "Blech! Tastes like dead Spy."
  • Some other ideas:
    - Obi-Wan (young or old)
    - LeChuck
    - Link
    - The Prince (from the originals PoP games from the 90's)
    - Tony Montana
    - Batman/The Joker
    - Indiana Jones
    - Roger Rabbit
    - Marty McFly/Doc Brown

    In future installments I really hope we get to see the Inventory more crowded, it's an awesome place.
  • I'd prefer Francis over Louis. Though not to say I wouldn't want both. However if I had to pick one it'd be Francis, he has much more pronounced personality traits and is more vocal about his beliefs than any other L4D character. Plus seeing him argue with the well read and overly wordy Tycho would be hilarious.

    My dream list:

    Francis (L4D) - Would bet his Vest
    Ellis (L4D2) - Would bet his hat
    Homestar - Would bet the bowl he wears in the homestarmy image
    Gabe - Would bet his cardboard tube
    Blu Scout(would have to be blu team just to rile up the red team heavy.) - Would bet his TFC style hat / sunglasses combo OR a shotgun styled after the TFC single shotgun
    Div (Penny Arcade) - No idea what he'd bet
    Guybrush Threepwood - Would bet the Pyrite Parrot!
    Demoman - Would bet a fancy monocle
    Doc Brown - Would bet those classic silver shades of his.
    Sam - Would bet his hat and revolver
    Rasputin (Psychonauts) - Would bet his aviator hat/goggles
    Eddie Riggs (Brutal Legend) - Would bet his Axe
  • "Ask a ninja" ninja would be hilarious in poker, especially if Guybrush/something piratey were also at the table. But he's not computer/cartoon graphics. Oh well. :p

    Bender from Futurama is the one dream character I would choose above all others if I could choose literally any one comic/cartoon/videogame character.
    But Sam and Gabe seem like almost certain choices if new characters are added.

    What would happen if Minsc and Boo from Baldur's gate were at the table? Would he (so he claims) be getting advice from Boo or just go bust on round one and go for the eyes? :p

    I suspect that the Tick is too stupid to play poker, but it sure would be funny while it lasted.
    Invader Zimm might be fun.

    And Glados. Yes. Not sure why "she" would be playing a poker game, but I'm sure there's some great dialogue in there somewhere. We already know Valve is apparently willing to work with Telltale with the Heavy. I'd like to see Alex from HL in the game (or, well, just see Alex, period,) but she might be too "realistic" to function with these jokers.
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