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Post your great rounds.

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Like the title says, this is where you tell us about some super lucky(or funny) play that happened in Poker Night, dont post dialoge because there is a thread about that already. This is more on the plays that caught your attention.

I just recently had the heavy go all in, and I was hoping for something good so I went all in as well, only for Strong Bad to go all in and bet his dangeresque glasses. This was at the very begining as well so not all the cards where in yet(why the heavy went all in that early Ill never know) and it showed the first set of cards which gave strong bad an advantage. Followed by the next set for strong bad to win, but I didnt notice I had a Flush the entire time during all this. I won the dangeresque glasses and eliminated Strong Bad and the Heavy in one swoop without even thinking I would win.

So post any of your good plays here.
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  • If Tycho had a hand like AK, AA, KK, or maybe even QQ or JJ, he'd be well justified calling all-in. (Well, maybe AK would be questionable, since it's a slight underdog to any pair. But it wouldn't be an utterly terrible play, especially considering the poster in question did go all-in with junk -- so Tycho has reason to expect it could happen.)

    Of course, we know the game isn't always that smart. :)

    EDIT: Wait, the winning hand at showdown was a pair of deuces? Hmm. Maybe AK or AQ, then?
  • In my last game, I went against Tycho mano-a-mano, with only $1500 left.

    I turned the tables, getting the bet higher and higher, and I won with a full house.

    I have only won twice.
  • It was between Me and Max. We had around the same amount of cash but my hand was TERRIBLE and the pot was HIGH so folding wasnt an option and sure as god betting and going on wasnt an option so i could do only one thing. I went all in. Max fell right into my ploy and folded. It all worked perfectly. It was set at the perfect point to where it was possible I had a flush(I of course didnt or else I would have betted onward and make Max bet more) so Max had to keep it in mind and he obviously did.
  • I beat Heavy's AA with a 2 and 3 of different suits with a REAL lucky Two Pair situation.
  • One time me, the Heavy and Tycho were heavily in from the start when the flop turned up K, Q and J, all hearts. I got a bit nervous but tried to get them to fold by betting big. No such luck, and the river turned up a 10 of hearts. Things were getting desperate at that point, but we all stayed in with some more betting. In the end I won... with only a high card.
  • Strong Bad went All In on me in the first hand of the game. I got three of a kind 8s, and he got nothing. He lost right there in the beginning. That was awesome.
  • The-J23;407547 said:
    Had to fix that, sorry.
    What? Sam didn't sit in for a hand in your game? Max has a hyperactive bladder (and everything else) you know. ;) Ah, well, you caught me. My bad.

    Dang, that would be a fun cameo along with baf's suggested Spy cameo.
  • I just eliminated Strong Bad in the very first hand of the tournament. Twice. In a row XD

    EDIT: HAHAHA, holy crap, Max, Heavy, and I all got the exact same hand XD
  • I had to pause my game to get this in. Max bought in with his gun and badge. On the first round, both Max AND the Heavy went all in. I went all in, and I won. I eliminated both of them AND I won Max's buy-in, ALL ON THE FIRST TURN. Best round EVER.
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