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Penny Arcade Gives Props to Sam and Max

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As I'm sure most of you know, there are a lot of gamers out there who pay close attention to Penny Arcade, considering it the last bastion of sanity in getting the real scoop on what's hot and what's not in the world of video games.

Today, Tycho's news post mentioned Telltale and Sam and Max (with several links). Here's the relevant part (without links).
I just cancelled my City of Villains account, not because they haven't tried to make it worth my while but because I just haven't been playing it enough to warrant it. Within ten minutes I had signed up for Gametap, because the deal finally got sweet enough for me to bite. Does everyone know what Gametap is? They've certainly spent enough money trying to tell you - I would love to hear about your bunker sometime, at least, those portions of it that aren't classified. Gametap is sort of gaming archivist's service, in that it collects tons of games from various eras and puts them up for emulation on your PC in a single, elaborate interface. So where you once hunted for ROMs or whatnot, here is a buffet-style service where for a monthly fee you can "eat" all the games you want. It was interesting, but I did not need it. Not by its lonesome, anyway. I like Pac-Man or whatever, but... You know. It's Pac-Man.

It was Sam and Max that finally pushed me over the edge. By Sam and Max, of course, I mean Sam and Max. Telltale Games has resurrected the franchise against all odds, with a team of rogue Lucasarts employees turning the knobs and monitoring the gauges on their illicit Game Making Apparatus. Steve Purcell - by which I mean (ahem) Steve Purcell, gets a look at everything that goes through. I picture him as sitting atop the game, pensively, in a man-sized roost. He also contributes a pretty great webcomic to go alongside, which you can find here. Hover over a panel with your mouse to extract its juice.
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  • Our site has had a ton of traffic today because of that post. (Thanks, Penny Arcade!)
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    Yeah. Links from Penny Arcade have been known to crash sites before. It can be a blessing or a curse. But clearly this time they're trying to spread the love.

    Hopefully the extra traffic means extra business.

    Can you find out Emily if downloads of texas hold'em and bone have increased today?

    I'm sure Gametap got a boost today too.
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