Declared Value For Discounted Orders?

Is a discounted order (ie 50% off) priced as such on the customs label during dispatch or is the value still shown as full price?

Paying 50% less tax is a sizable incentive to place an order. :)


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    I'd like to know this too, please. Also, if we're adding the free disks from the season we bought to the order, does the $0 or NV apply, or do they list the full price?

    And are items such as books and toys and clothing marked as such, or is everything marked Video Games?

    I'd like to order a lot, but if everything is marked video games and at full price, Japan is going to hit me with insane import duties.

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    Regarding what is listed on the label, I ordered posters in the past and they were indeed described as posters.

    I do hope the discounted price is declared on the label though if I place an order tonight.
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    Good to know. I mean, that makes sense from such a cool company as Telltale. :) I wouldn't have even questioned it, but I read in a blog post a while back that someone had ordered Surfin' the Highway Hardcover here in Japan, and it was marked Video Games, so they got hit with half the cost in import duties. Japan's pretty nasty with video game imports. That was a few years back, I think, so maybe they changed their system, or it was just a one time mistake or something.

    Hopefully the mark the COST as the actual price billed for the items, rather than full price.
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    The DVD's are generally listed as being $1 of value...
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    The DVD's are generally listed as being $1 of value...

    The way we label orders for customs depends on the country you are in. We won't normally label orders as a gift or free because in some countries customs will charge a gift fee, which is why we label the discs as a $1.

    In most cases we declare the actual order total minus shipping.

    I'm not in the office this weekend but Monday I can pull some customs certificates from refused orders and try to give some specific examples.
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    Awesome. Thanks very much for for letting us know, even thought it's your weekend!
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