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Other At the Inventory Episode ideas

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Hey, have you guys noticed the title of this forum is "At The Inventory" and "Poker Night at The Inventory" is a subsection?

I think At the Inventory will be the season name if it goes to a series e.g episodes end with it, like "Darts at The Inventory" or "Dance Contest at The Inventory" or even "Trouble at The Inventory" (for a traditional Telltale point and click episode).

What would you like to see happen At the Inventory?

(P.S. Brilliant idea to do this game Telltale!! Although i admit i was a little disappointed it was just poker, but A) i kinda guessed from the sillhouettes and B) i learned how to play from Telltale Texas Hold'em anyway, so i'm good to go :) )
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  • Here's how Rifftrax/Movie Night at the Inventory could work: complete episode-length (or shorter) stand-alone games portrayed as movies that Inventory patrons are watching and riffing on.
  • Fire at the Inventory!

    Puzzle solving strategy game where you must help the Inventory gang put out fires. Watch out for the valuables and explosives!

    Mystery at the Inventory: The Search for Gordon Freeman.

    The Inventory gang question their game mates and gather clues to determine the whereabouts of Gordon Freeman so he can finish Episode 3 already!

    A Death at the Inventory.

    Rochelle of Left 4 Dead 2 is found dead. Find out who dun it! Turns out it was Nick who killed her for her medkit.

    Music Night at the Inventory.

    Guiter Hero style game where you help the character of your choice play the right notes. But can anyone beat Francis' heart felt pan flute solo?

    Invasion at the Inventory!

    A strategy action game where you take control of various Inventory characters to hold off a zombie invasion until you can build a giant robot and take the fight to their evil alien masters! Guest starring the Engineer,Doc Brown,and featuring Ellis as the expendable test pilot.

    Mystery at the Inventory: The Mystery of Silent Bill.

    Max poses that eternal question,why do they call him Silent Bill? Turns out,even Bill himself doesn't know why.

    That's all I got for now.
  • Based of someone elses idea:

    Tabletop gaming at the Inventory

    Tycho serves as the dungeon master and the first thing to do is to chose what setting.

    Tycho wants to go with a traditional fantasy. (With obliatory Lovecraft elements)
    Strong Bad wants to do a Sci-Fi game. (With hot babliens)
    Max wants a noir crime fihting senario. (Just going with what he knows)
    And Heavy wants to go with Steampunk. (Or as he calls it "The one vith big guns and giant balloon ships)
  • If Tycho is still going to be involved, something like Risk at the Inventory.
  • Inventory at the Inventory.

    You stay up till past midnight checking to make sure that all of the products in the inventories backroom match up to the manifest list.
  • Teen Girl Squad at the Inventory

    SOOO GOOD!!!
  • OttersPod;408286 said:
    Teen Girl Squad at the Inventory

    SOOO GOOD!!!
    You know they were going to make a game like that, but the testers complained saying the always kept dieing.
  • "Oh my God, I've got a royal fl--" HEART ATTACK'D!!
  • B.Ball at the Inventory

    I can see Max trying to dunk with his ears. And maybe The Heavy launching basketballs with his big gun. I don't know about Tycho & Strong Bad's skills...maybe they could get in a bunch of arguments with the refs (like Pom-Pom) or at each other for how bad they play (or maybe getting help with The Cheat)

    Thycho: "Hey, your cheating!"
    Strong Bad: "What!? I didn't order The Cheat to pants The Heavy before shooting the ball. He just did it for another week in the crisper drawer."
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