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Most 'Challenging' Player

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I've no idea if they're supposed to be even or reflect different approaches but I was wondering if anyone had one or two characters in particular they struggle against?

For some reason it often gets down to me and Tycho for the last 2 and fairly often he beats me, just curious if anyone else finds him the most 'difficult' character?
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  • The character I most often get into one-on-one is with Tycho- he's such a conservative player that he usually outlasts everyone else. But the one I have the most trouble i with Max. If I get knocked out of the game before the 1 on 1 stage, it's because of him.

    It's impossible to tell if he has good hands or is bluffing!
  • Heavy generally does the crushing on me. Always goes in with huge bets and no matter how good my hand is, he beats me.
  • Max knows when to go all in. I never beat him so far whenever he did. Tycho is just good all around.

    But then again, I can't give a good assertion since I have yet to buy it and forced to play my friends version.

    Damn Thanksgiving and your expensive Turkies.

    Edit: Strong Bad would be better if he didn't excessively Fold, and Heavy is afraid of Big Bets.
  • Interesting how we're having such different experiences. If I win, it's the Heavy who I knock out last, almost always.
    Max seems completely random in his play style, sometimes he's dangerous, but so often calls raises with not even a pair.
  • Heavy is a bastard. I can usually intimidate Max with a big raise if I think he's holding good cards, but Heavy just raises even higher and then I'm screwed.

    Looking at the different experiences, did Telltale pull off some AI magic or something? :p
  • I think the problem is in our approaches. Max plays randomly, SB bluffs, Heavy intimidates, and Tycho is conservative for everyone. But we all probably have different poker strategies, and thus, different weaknesses.
  • Tycho folds almost every hand that he isn't paying the blind. When he does buy in, if he has a big lead, he always bets $7k before the flop. He's a jerk.
  • For me, Strong Bad's always the bluffer, which is easy to spot. Max is a spontaneous player, and he'll go all in whether his cards are good or not. Tycho plays it safe, and he usually folds. While Heavy is a risk taker, raising most of the time.
  • Recently it has been Heavy, but Tycho seems common for me to play as does Max. Strong Bad has often lost first hand in before.
  • Usually, I end up one-on-one with Heavy or Tycho... Max is usually the first one out, then SB, then Tycho, and Heavy.
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