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should telltale make another monkey island season

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they should make it 2 dimensional. 3d just doesn't suit monkey island as well. it could be the same kind of graphics as puzzle agent
anyone else agree that 2d is better?
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  • Irishmile;402924 said:
    If they do not make another Monkey Island game soon.... It may effect my mental well being.

    I think I went insane waiting for a new one after EMI!
  • Irishmile;402924 said:
    If they do not make another Monkey Island game soon.... It may effect my mental well being.
    Mine too..although I'm looking forward Bill Tiller's "A Vampyre Story - Year 1" and "A Vampyre Story 2 - A Bat's Tale" next year, so hopefully that'll help make time fly.
  • They need to make it in 3D
  • SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!! you're going to turn this into a 2D vs 3D thread.
  • If so, then I vote that it gets locked :D.

    But, I personally think that the game should have the exact same art style as 'Tales of Monkey Island' (as I have mentioned earlier in this very thread). Especially seeing as how the next season will probably be a direct continuation from the first. So, in this case, the 3D graphics would have to stay.
  • I am waiting for the sequel. Please don't let me suffer too long!
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    I just completed Chapter 5 of ToMI and I just think it got better and better and better with each episode. When i look back to episode 1 now I think it was a little poor really. But because it was so damned sought after and had been so long since EMI people didnt mind too much about what it was lacking because they were just so keep to soak it up. Episode 2 i found pretty tedious. Eps 3, 4 and 5 I loved. Finally the story really kicked off and felt like a TRUE MI game! By the time i got to episode 5 I was totally in love with it and didn't want it to end so soon!

    To tell the truth, episode 5 Seemed SO MUCH like past monkey islands to me that i felt at home and was just totally emersed in the awesomeness of the game.

    So to answer the question of the thread: Please please please make another game. I'll even settle for a series of Grim Fandango instead if they wanna do that first! Hahah! I'm going to buy BTTF and play that just because i love the movies but i really can't see myself playing a Jurassic park adventure.. what the? Just get back to Monkey Island telltale and feel free to deviate into the Grim Fandango universe... of course I've enjoyed the 3 episodes of S&M that i've played and may very well just buy the whole package and play through them all... but Monkey Island is the best adventure ever..

    keep it coming
  • If they do a sequel, I hope they do the character designs better. For the most part, the character designs are good for the important characters, as well as the non human characters. However, the designs for the stock pirates, as well as the other unique, but non-"important" pirates like Winslow(which I can stand) and the ones stuck in the whale were a bit generic.

    Morrigan's design is good, imo.

    I can't really fault TT for the design quality of their pirates since game was made in an episodic fashion and they might have not have much time designing lesser known characters as they did with the lead characters.
  • I agree, would love to see a new chapter, and think it should be done using the EXACT same engine/style as TFMI.

    I absolutely LOVED, LOVED, L*O*V*E*D that game.
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