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Poker Night: All my stats are gone!

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So after a busy day I load up Poker Night, and it starts up in a window for some reason (I usually play full-screen). No biggie I think, sometimes games do that, I fix up the Options and go play.

I notice I have the option to "Continue Tournament" (I didn't even know the game saved tournaments) even though I finished my last tournament, but I decide to try it out anyways. The game seems to load up the last game right when I lost, with me having no money:


Yet when I start the hand I suddenly get a bunch of money to play with. :confused: Oh well, whatever, I continue the game and beat the Heavy.

Then I noticed... all my game stats are gone! :eek: Unlocks, items, everything! There's only stats for the hands I played since I loaded the game. Although the achievements are intact, you can see I had gotten the Strong Bad glasses:


Luckily I hadn't advanced much in the game so I'm not too bothered, but still, what the hell happened to all my cool stuff?? :(
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  • Same problem here: Game started in windowed mode today and had let me finish a tournament (don't know if this is actually related, I'm not sure I finished the last one yesterday).

    Now all the stats are gone, as well as the unlocked items, decks and tables. Also all the options in setup were set back to the original state.
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    DjNDB Moderator
    That happened to me too.
    I wrote a little quick+dirty python script that zips the savegame and prefs.prop every 60 seconds.
    Let's see how that works out.
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    DjNDB Moderator
    In case anyone has a use for the python script:

    import shutil, time, threading
    # This script is just a quick+dirty way to have a regular zipped
    # backup of a folder in a certain interval, until you stop it.
    # For very pessimistic data safety reasons a new archive is created each time.
    # Be aware that this will take a lot of space, if you chose a short interval.
    # You will also want to manually delete old backups every now and then.
    # Adapt \"base_dir\" and \"backup_interval\" to match your environment/preference

    # Directory to backup
    base_dir=\"C:\\Users\\Username\\Documents\\Telltale Games\\Poker Night at the Inventory\"

    # Backup interval in seconds

    def createArchive():
    # Use current time in seconds as filename suffix
    print \"Created Backup: \" + base_name
    global timer
    # Create a backup archive
    timer = threading.Timer(backup_interval, createArchive)

    raw_input(\"Press any key to stop\n\");

    I can't decide which backup interval is appropriate. 60 seconds should catch most of the Poker progress, but will create a lot of archives.
    Depending on how often stats are lost it might be reasonable to just make a backup every ten or more minutes or even just every day. I set it to 5 minutes in the posted version.

    The script was just a spontaneous mini project to get a little more python experience. I am pretty new to the language, so i just use it every now and then for fun and profit.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Shoooooot. EXACTLY this happened to me last night. If I had any real interest in poker or had bought this game for any other reason than to get the 25% off everything deal, I'd be really p****d right now. 24.000 on the plus side, all TF2 items and nearly all unlocks. I was so happy to have the TF2 items because I started to get annoyed when these guys randomly put their stuff on the table. ;)

    The patch hasn't addressed that problem, correct?
  • Considering it happened to me again one game after I installed the new version, no.

    Heads up for whoever has his data erased but had a backup of it, don't try to replace it inmediately or the backup will get screwed up too, play one tourney or something before that >__>
  • I've lost 60,000 on the plus, two tables, three decks. Now the character items... I don't have them in the poker game, but I still have them as achievements for the poker game, and in TF2.
    So I guess i haven't lost much. But it's just annoying to have to start from the beginning....
  • I just lost all my stats as well. What the heck is going on?

    I've got the game installed on both Steam and the Telltale version, they seem to be using the same savefile on my machine.
    I started the Steam version yesterday and it crashed repeatedly. Rebooted, started it again and it worked, but all my stats are erased. I've still got all the steam achievements, though.
  • I've noticed that the file grows every time you unlock something new.
    My file is still there and it's the right size (i.e. bigger than a new install), so it seems as if the file is just being ignored by the game now. Maybe because it's been corrupted?
  • Are you guys making sure to exit through the menu? Also could you send me your dxdiags?
  • Amy Lukima;413932 said:
    Are you guys making sure to exit through the menu? Also could you send me your dxdiags?
    I've managed to reproduce the error.

    VLC video player tends to hog my SPDIF output and mute all other applications when it's open. Having VLC running makes celebritypoker.exe crash on startup, maybe they're fighting for the sound output or something, I don't know.

    If Poker doesn't start up, that's fine, but it's certainly not supposed to corrupt my savegame if it can't start.

    After Poker crashed on startup, I closed VLC and started Poker again. All graphics settings are back to default, but it still remembers that I'm in the middle of a tournament and I can click the 'continue tournament' button in the menu.
    It continues the tournament where I left off, however, all my stats are reset and all my unlocks are gone.

    I've attached the broken savegame in a zip file. Hopefully you can figure out what goes wrong during startup.
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