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Girl Stinky? (spoilers)

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Should Girl Stinky return?
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  • Ashton;390684 said:
    Are you being serious? That makes even less sence than most of S+M does...
    Uh? I was trying to say that neither option made sense.
  • I am fine with Girl Stinky staying dead. Although I will miss her new names for Sam and Max.
  • I put maybe because if she's still alive that means max is still alive and I don't care how either...Mermaid magic, magic crown, anything that can bring Max back!
  • Olaus Petrus;390278 said:
    I would say that there are two timelines which have differences. In original "Situation: Comedy" Sam & Max didn't meet their future selves, but in the "Chariots of the Dogs" Sam and Max of "Situation: Comedy" meet and interact with the Season 2 Sam & Max. As these changes don't seem to be affecting to the present of Sam & Max there must be alternative timeline. From the "Chariot of the Dogs" meeting onwards future of the past Sam & Max changes more and more from the original timeline and events of the alternative past lead to situation where Sam was destroyed instead of Max. If there is no split in timeline, but there is only one reality where Sam & Max travel in time and space, then eventually Max must return to moment of his death and Sam can't avoid being turned into a giant monster in the future.
    This is saying that Sam and Max follow the Novik self-consistency principle that any event caused by traveling back in time was part of history anyway, I can see this working if they allowed multiple timelines because that is the only paradox that doesn't make sense, we can see the events they cause in there own time like the bottle of vinegar, I think Grandpa Stinky's death is somehow caused by them, and all there pardoxes were sorted out in the end.

    As I'm writing this I notice the theory doesn't work with giving Max a sense of romance, if it was predetermined for him to go back and change himself he would have been that way from the present he set off from.
  • If she is brought back from the dead, the soda pop gang should as well

    Not a fan of them, but just saying.
  • Wait, wait, wait, Mermaid Stinky? I think I've played through the whole Season 3 and saw most of the stuff, but... did I miss something? O_o
  • Let me put it this way:

    Apocalyptic Nuclear Explosion About ten feet away from you = YOU ARE F**KING DEAD.
  • You know she could be a living mineral from dimension X, pretending to be a mermaid who pretended to be a cake-golem. I think those could survive pretty much anything really.
  • Tilan;390674 said:
    In Season 2 she was officially a cake, but in Season 3 they retconned this so now she's officially a mermaid who fooled everyone into believing she was cake, even if it doesn't make sense in my opinion.

    Not that being a cake made much more sense either, but still...
    He is being serious. The cake, while nonsensical, made more sense since it was a major plot in one of the episodes in season 2. If I am not mistaken, Sam and Max had to turn Girl Stinky back to human from a cake. Since they rectonned her as being a mermaid all along, that part makes absolutely no sense since she was never a cake in the first place.
  • She was always a cake, but she always had the mermaid accesories: fish tail apron, starfishes etc.

    I have no idea :D
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