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OFFICIAL 'TF2 Unlocks questions' thread (was: Question about unlocks not in Steam)

posted by Blooglspash on - last edited - Viewed by 4.2K users
I plan on getting TF2 but I don't have it yet. The only problem is, I don't know if I'll still be able to get the items after I get TF2. Will I have to wait to play this game until I get TF2? Could someone please inform me on this matter?

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  • Gotcha - I get it now. No biggie, these things happen sometimes - luckily the game is a lot of fun, so replaying to get the stuff back isn't a huge deal.
  • applekid;408931 said:
    Out of curiosity, are your lost unlocks occurring in the same way that mine did?
    Mine disappeared exactly like that.
  • hmmmm... my issue was similar, but not excatly the same. I was not playing the game through Steam, and when I went to my unlockable screen it did not show me what I had won before wiping everything away- it was all just gone from the moment I got in.

    And yes, my stats were gone as well, as if I was just logging onto the game for the first time.
  • I'm curious as to why my thread was moved here. I'm not actually having a problem with Steam, as I downloaded it on the Telltale site, and in fact have no intention of using the items I won in Team Fortress 2. However my poker tables, decks, and other items were also whisked away from me, and these I enjoyed using.

    Not to complain, but I'm wondering if I have a seperate bug than everyone else, as I have no connection to either Steam or Team Fortress 2. It's not, obviously, a big deal but for the sake of clarity this issue perhaps should be addressed by the powers that be. Again, I wish to emphasize: perhaps; I'm not THAT invested in my Max Devil poker table.:cool:
  • nkahoang;408906 said:
    Hi everyone,
    Well, this is a very bad day for me... One of my trusted friend send me a fake Steam Community link (steamcomnunity), I clicked, signed in, and got my account hijacked...

    I contacted Steam Support and got the account back but.. unfortunately, all of my items in TF2 Backpack has gone...

    All tradable items have been traded to another account.
    The rest... like the Iron Curtain, the Max's Ludermorph and License to maim... all of them were hit 'Deleted'...

    I wonder how to get them back... I emailed steam support again. But I have a question just in case:If Steam can't help me to get those items back, can I just rebuy the Poker Night on Telltales, play it and reearn the items?

    Please tell me because I preordered the game two months ahead... and all is gone. Thank you guy in advanced.
    You should be able to get your items back. They can undelete items and the item-IDs are unique so the scammer will lose them and anything he crafted from them.

    And on a plus: I don't think that was your friend sending the link. He most certainly got scammed too. Check his backpack at:
    Gman5852;408939 said:
    Sorry telltales version does not support the tf2 items. They said steam works in such an odd way that they couldn't add the items. So yeah sorry:( But isnt this in a way your fault for believing the fake website.
    Some of those sites really look real, the changed letter is almost unnoticable and you are more likely to fall for something like that if a good friend sends the link. I fell for such a link once but noticed it in time to change my password and nothing happened except for me losing a good password.
  • Do I get Poker Night on steam, if I purchase it now? :confused:
    I kinda prefer steam, especially if I can't have the game as a DVD.
  • You can buy it directly from Steam, yes.
  • Just thought I'd mention this.
    I pre-ordered the game and downloaded the telltale version. When it came out, I won two tf2 items and some other stuff. Here's how I kept them:

    I opened Steam and downloaded the install off it, but I did not install it.
    I just ran the telltale version through Steam and the two items I had showed up along with their achievements.

    Any hand or win based achievements had to be re-won but I still had all my unlocks. Don't know if that helps anyone else, but it's worth a try.
  • Hi, all.
    I think i will never play TF2. I know a guy on a forum who plays it, can i give him the unlock code safely? I mean, it will just unlock the item in his TF2, no interferences between our telltale acounts, right?
  • Boeuf Bourguignon;430158 said:
    Hi, all.
    I think i will never play TF2. I know a guy on a forum who plays it, can i give him the unlock code safely? I mean, it will just unlock the item in his TF2, no interferences between our telltale acounts, right?
    The code also gives a person Poker night which would be pirating.
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