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Monkey island collectors DVD 0.00 HELP?

posted by Kaldire on - last edited - Viewed by 160 users
I just realized I never got the dvd collectors slipcase in my standard purchase, but bought the collectors chest.

when I went to add the item to my cart it says 0.00 like it should.. as it was free, but then the shipping was also free...

so I went to paypal, tried to pay, and it said I needed to enter a number higher than ZERO.

I put in 0.01 and it went through.

Im lost...
did I mess up? If it needs shipping, ill wait and add it to my next order I know will come sooooon.

(praying for a 33% off all shirts or something!) lol

HELP? seems this is the 3rd problem with CE discs, as I forget about them since they come out far later than the game ! doh!
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  • uh

    any word on this, I feel almost bad if I paid nothing for shipping
    It was odd for the 0.01$ I had to pay (no im not looking for a refund) lolol
    whats the reverse of a refund hmmm
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