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Language Selection in translated Version?

posted by DocS on - last edited - Viewed by 1.1K users
Hey... just wondering: Is it possible, to choose the language at the installation of (for example) the german version of sam&max?

It's coming out soon here in germany and it would save me some costs, to just order the german version.. but since I'm not that big of a fan of translations (I like watching tv-series in original language - if english - more than the synchro, either), I would be pretty happy, to be able choosing the original sound and text

so, before I order and get disappointed, I thought, I just asked here..

-> is it possible? Or do I have to order the english Version, if I want the original stuff?
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  • lip sync? ...... *shakes head*

    okay, okay, okay, if you say so ........ :rolleyes:
  • -Woodrow-;40773 said:
    lip sync? ...... *shakes head*

    okay, okay, okay, if you say so ........ :rolleyes:
    Yeah, the game uses an automated lip-sync system, based on the installed language... although i don't know if those resource files are stored with the speech-files or separately.

    And are you sure that ALL language-files are installed on the HDD, no matter which language you choose for the game?
  • -Woodrow-;40773 said:
    lip sync? ...... *shakes head*

    okay, okay, okay, if you say so ........ :rolleyes:
    Well you better learn to inform yourself before tryin too hard to make a fool out of others, Kid.
  • There are a lot of things that change - lipsync, the timing of some of the animations, some textures are swapped so the text on the texture is in the other language instead of English (stuff like the weapons BoscoTech logo), in-game UI screens (we would have had to resdesign the UI so there would be space for a language selector, and a programmer would have had to make it work...) Plus it would have meant that instead of creating a separate install for each language, which was fairly easy for us to do, we would have had to create one mega-install that included all of them, which would have been a lot more complicated and would have required quite a bit more testing.

    You're right that being able to switch between languages after installation would have been a better user experience, but we had to evaluate what we had the resources to do against how important it was, and based on the amount of work and time it would have taken to implement a relatively minor convenience, a decision was made to do it this way. Sorry it means having to uninstall and reinstall. :p

    (That's probably a lot more information than you wanted, I just don't want anyone to think we're idiots who don't realize that uninstalling and reinstalling in another language isn't the most convenient way to switch between languages. We're not idiots and we do realize that. ;))
  • I simply can't believe there's lip sync with foreign languages even if someone from the team like you admits it - as I can't see any - but, yeah okay, I forgot about the ingame logos and writings that I've seen in german. I appreciate your "long" answer which I definitively prefer to any short reply of the sort "language change after installation? not possible.".

    Anyway I still won't deinstall just to change the language.
  • -Woodrow-;40940 said:
    I simply can't believe there's lip sync with foreign languages even if someone from the team like you admits it
    And yet there is. Amazing.
  • Don´t feed the trolls. :)
  • Then go with the language you intalled it. Personally I'd hate it if it installed all languages at the same time. Is okay for some games where it'd just replace subtitles and such, but since there's textures, animation data and voice track for all languages that'd end up just getting my game to take up way more space than nescesary if it had to install 4 languages when I only intend to use one.
    As it is I'm a bit bothered by how games take up so much space, and then still require the disc in drive even though it won't read any of it, however trivial the data might be. Know it is for access speed everything gets copied, but could be neat if someone actually made something work.
    Played Marvel ultimate alliance. 8 GB install. Several hours of gameplay, but would've been good if it'd give me the choice for caching. For starters it'd just install what would be needed for the first couple of missions. As you make progress through those it'd in the background cache in data for the next one and remove data for some you've already passed. Should be an option so people don't get surprised at long load time if they load an older save, but would've been a nice way to preserve space. Chronically out of space people like me would probably also tend to think installing all lanugages at the same time would be a stupid choice.
    If anything the installer could've been updated to uninstall the desired files for language and install the new one.
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