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Update in the works!

posted by Jake Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 2.4K users
You may wish to know...

We’re working on an update for Poker Night to (among other things) clarify how hands with side pots are being resolved. Currently, when multiple players go all-in with different chip totals, the winner of the largest pot (whether the Main Pot or the Side Pot) is being announced as winner of the hand (even when a smaller Main Pot is lost to the best hand). The pots are being divided correctly, but the messaging is causing some confusion. We’re working on making it more clear.
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  • GuruGuru214;411776 said:
    Actually, it was 6:00 AM their time. 6:30 now.
    There they should just now be waking up.
  • Gman5852;411779 said:
    There they should just now be waking up.

    Another day, another... bagle at your desk
  • Gman5852;411763 said:
    Ok telltale just dont even update steam now, let the noseholes get what they diserve.
    Aren't you being so harsh for steam users? (:
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    valkysas;411683 said:
    the update was out for hrs with no word on if they even subbmitted it to valve no communication what so ever so yea fuck talltale and there lies they even said in pm the steam version would be out yesterday and if you dont thank they have any control when its out then your stupid

    that and i don't thank staying at the office for a hr more is all that -screw you to them when its been close to 2 weeks with a broken game
    Go back to CSS.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    There was a bug in our Steam build of the update, and it prevented us from releasing it when we'd hoped. I'm not sure what the status is, but its not like we're deliberately withholding the patch from Steam. I would have liked to see it up and installed for everyone two days ago but that's now how reality works, unfortunately.

    That said, dropping by our forums to post a bunch of snark and cursing won't do anyone any good. It won't make the update come out any more quickly or work any better, and it won't make any of the other posters or the developers any more likely to respond to you. We put a lot of work into this update to this goofy game, trying to fix every bug we could reproduce in the office, even fixed a bunch of little things I doubt anyone will notice, and add extra content, and when people come by posting entitled smarmy curse word filled posts about how pissed they are that the update isn't here.... I don't get it. I don't understand what makes a person think that will be helpful to anyone.
  • They are TF2 players.

    I think "common sense" got lost for most of them quite some time ago already. Instead fury over things like Valve's decision to drop down on wait-servers (oddly and conviently forgotten it seems), hatcollect pandamonium etc. took over...
  • Ouch, I play TF2... I moved to the beta though since no kids hardly play it :p
    But I don't mind waiting for the patch, I'll be on a valve server playing with my Max's head :]
  • Stevontoast;411828 said:
    Ouch, I play TF2... I moved to the beta though since no kids hardly play it :p
    But I don't mind waiting for the patch, I'll be on a valve server playing with my Max's head :]
    Yeah beta is better now. So far tf2s only bright side are that a FEW weapons are in it and not the beta like the engineers other wrench(the bleeding one)
  • Jake;411167 said:
    Something weird happened with the update last night, but it's on its way. We'll post a new thread when it's out.

    When the update is available, here is what you will be getting, more or less:
    Wait 2 new tables? Is that an apology or a hint at DLC?
  • Wait, where do you download the update when it comes out?
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