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Ideas for dialouge

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Post your ideas for potential dialouge in the game.

Heavy loses to tycho
(Heavy points his finger like a gun at Tycho)
tycho: Oh please threatening me with your invisible gun is not -
Heavy: POW!
(Tycho's head explodes)
Strong Bad: I may be a bit in over my head with this...
Max: Do it again! Do it again!

Edit: A competition to decide on the best suggested dialouge is now in progress. Here's the rules

1. You can nominate up to two snippets.
2. You cannot nominate yourself.
3. the top 5-10 willl be put into a poll and the a winner will be decided by puplic vote.
4. Their is no tangible reward for this contest. It's just a bit of fun. But maybe if Telltale takes notice...

P.S. You can nominate my enteries. Just saying ;)
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  • Strong Bad (to Tycho): Light bloom, floating point frame buffers, volumetric effects, high dynamic range rendering...

    Not sure what the rest of the conversation would be, but there really should have been more references to the web comics e-mail.
  • A NSFW suggestion

    Heavy: Yesterday Egineer talks me into going on internet to check th RED website, then Scout suggests I check the "Not Safe For Weaklings" fan art.
    Tycho: Uh Heavy, thats not what NSFW stands for.
    Heavy: I know that now. {Shudders} Nithing but drawings of me kissing scout and pyro.
    Tycho: Yeah, Rule 34 is a bitch.
    Strong Bad: Rule thirty-what?
    Tycho: Rule 34 of the internet: If it exists there is pornographic fan-art of it somewhere.
    Strong Bad: You mean there's naked pictures of the babliens form the limozeen cartoon.
    Tycho: Yup.
    Strong Bad: Of me?
    Tycho: No exceptions.
    Strong Bad: {Looking uneasy} Of the Poopsmith?
    Tycho: I said no exceptions, danmit!
    Stong Bad: Of... {shudders} Jibbliejibbliehibbile
    Tycho: {Slides his iPhone over to Strong Bad with a devious smile} Why don't you check this out?
    {Strong Bad looks at it and then breaks out in the jibblies big-time}
    {Max picks up phone}
    Max: Strong Bad and Homsar?! Tycho, do you keep this on your phone all the time?
    Tycho: No I just thought to myself "What if I need to tramatize someone tonight" and then sought out the most distrubing thing on the web.
    Heavy: The Internet is too creepy. I'll stick to Playboy.
  • If somehow we could get Francis on here, he'd probably bet:

    Francis: Well, uh, you all know my affinity for things that are cool. And...I think vests are really cool. So here, have a vest.
    Sam: Is it bulletproof per chance?
    Francis: Are you dense?! This 100% leather vest IS bulletproof. I mean, there's a slight scuff in the collar from three consecutive bar fights in a row, but hey, no bullets!
    Winslow: It is settled, then! The player who eliminates Francis from play will receive a bullet-free vest.
    Francis: Hey, watch where you're pointing that thing, beefhead!
    Sam: [puts away gun] Sorry, but I'm kinda irked that it isn't more battle-damaged than it is.
  • Tycho: {quitly} happy mario 25th a

    Heavy: {overlapping tycho, shout out} WHAT?!

    Max: i think is mario's birthday

    Strong bad: man is so long i was write

    {Cut to a Teen Girl Squad scene with the slower version of the TGS music. Cheerleader and So and So are wearing towels. What's Her Face is wearing her regular clothes. The Ugly One is dressed like a mummy in a sarcophagus. Daphne is there too, wearing a towel with "Daph" written on it.}

    DAPHNE: Hey gals! you know what today is... {words appear on screen as they are said slowly} mario 25th anni-

    CHEERLEADER: {interrupting} This is taking too long!

    WHAT'S HER FACE: I'm already bored!

    SO AND SO: I'm going home!

    THE UGLY ONE: I belong in a museum!

    {Cut back to the inventory table}

    Tycho: {bring out mario's hat, mario all-star on wii and nintendo point card} well ill trade you this after the game before i lose

    {tycho throws out the items on the table}
  • @ all users who want to respond to Pepsiboy:
  • StrongBrush1;411977 said:
    @ all users who want to respond to Pepsiboy:


    Heavy:So Bunnyman what team are you on?
    Max:My what now?
    Heavy:Your team, what team are you on? Me and Tiny Heavy are on red and Tycho on blu...
    Tycho and strong bad:We are not on a team. *they then notice them talking together and look away*
    Heavy:So what team are you on?
    Max:How about I stay neutral and shoot whoever I damn want
    Heavy:No we have headless horsemen for that.
  • Strong Bad: Hey, Geekazoid! How's that adventure game of yours going?
    Tycho: You mean Penny Arcade Adventures?
    Strong Bad: Yeah, that one. I heard there were only, like, two episodes out.
    Tycho: Well, I'm glad you took interest in this game. Yeah, there were only two episodes released out of the planned four.
    Strong Bad: A-ha! Mine had, like, five episodes, man! My game beats yours! Now suck it!
    Tycho: Ugh, fucking douchebag.
  • StrongBrush1;374438 said:

    Sam and Max are relaxing in the office (I.e. trying to shoot a fly) when...
    I got it! I got it!
    (Sam shoves max out the window)
    Sam: Yeah? Uh'uh? Maybe? It's for you Max.
    (Sam hands the phone to Max who's hanging out the window.)
    Max: Yes? Right... With a flamethrower... I'm there.
    Sam: Who was it? The Comisioner?
    Max: Better. I've been invited to an interdimensional poker tournemt!
    Sam: Why? You don't have any money.
    Max: I don't but there's all that gold in fort knox just going to waste.
    Sam: Gambling our nations financial security on games of chance, the greatest American tradition!
    Just gotta say, I really enjoyed this.
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