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Favorite Puzzles?

posted by MarkDarin Telltale Staff on - last edited - Viewed by 3.4K users
You've played the game. You've debated the ending. You've expressed your feelings about the puzzles. Now we'd like to know which ones were your favorites. If we end up making more Puzzle Agent, what types of puzzles would you like to see more of?
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  • I will have to say that the puzzle which surprised me the most was Find the Fuse.
    Personally, I recognised the symbols in, perhaps, less than a second, as I saw this puzzle many times earlier. Really, it took me more time to understand how the puzzle works. (I thought that I had to put the symbols in order.)
    However, when my brother played the game and reached the puzzle, he was absolutely clueless, and I forbade him to use the hints, hehe. Then our friend came, and took a look at the puzzle. His reaction was same as my brother, and he sat with him, trying to figure out the answer. At one point I allowed my brother to use the two first clues. Needless to say, I was shocked by the fact that they did not know the puzzle. So I called my father, in order to prove that I am not the only one in the world who knew about it. This was not a good proof.
    So my brother, friend and father didn't know the answer. Well, my mother, at least, should know. She didn't.
    I was completely surprised. I let my brother take the last clue to the answer, and I had to wait for the next day in order to confirm that I was not the only person who knew this puzzle.
    So, I wonder, how many of you had similar cases?
  • Sarendor;390422 said:
    So, I wonder, how many of you had similar cases?
    I didn't have a problem with it myself, but I don't know how easy it would have been if I hadn't seen it in this episode of the Simpsons.
  • I really loved the Bugs in Boxes series, and the Room Key was the only puzzle I needed to use hints on, but when it clicked it was awesome :) I don't think there was a single puzzle that I didn't enjoy in some way though.
  • Hey well I like all the puzzles but I most like those in which there are some logic's Logic like frantic fish and wrangling watchmen both are my favorites. Some time I like Screw-up in Space also.
  • I like playing puzzle games quite some so I might be biased on some of the puzzles, but there were quite a few nice ones too. I failed the submission on just two, due to user error. I didn't check my answer on the first and didn't read the rules properly on the second one.

    Otherwise the puzzles were of good quality and the hand drawn graphics (no proper 3D and no obvious vector stuff) were a huge bonus on them. Also the pipe puzzles didn't have generic graphics and also many other puzzles had original graphics which was really immersion inductive. Good work on that! Some puzzles were easy and some could have been altogether improved, but it's a good start, albeit not exactly a Prof. Layton slayer just yet. ;)

    I think all the puzzles had good enough descriptions, all the rules and hints were there already and of course they wouldn't be puzzles if the rules weren't a little bit cryptic too. I didn't have to use the gum at all though, but it's useful for the less patient ones.

    I'll just put my thoughts here, I voted very many of them as they had either a nice feel, a clever idea or they stumped me for a while:
    Cracked Crossword - Office
    The snapping pieces wouldn't have been necessary, instead freedom to turn the pieces (90 degrees) and match them until they were correctly aligned would have increased the difficulty quite some, and also the tastiness of it all. :)

    Directions & Detours - Outside hotel (Bjorn)
    I understand that this is sort of a introductory puzzle, so I'm not delving too much on this. It's a fun concept though and the later ones improved on it a bit. Maybe some further variables would up the ante? Like thin ice that breaks once you cross it or stuff like that.

    Room Key Confusion - Hotel (Reception)
    I saw the answer immediately so it wasn't too difficult, but idea was nice. Would have wished to see some more optical illusion puzzles too. Something that is right there if you can see it.

    Wrangling Watchmen - Factory (Sheriff)
    I liked this kind of deducting puzzles. Not really difficult if you approach it systematically/logically (either goes), but there's a certain sense of success there. :) Liked this a lot.

    Find the Fuse - Outside diner (repairman)
    Took me a while to figure out, felt myself a tad bit stupid for not getting it sooner. ;) Sign of a clever puzzle. Might be one of those see-it-solve-it puzzles.

    Security Screw-up - Diner (Sheriff)
    This had nice atmosphere to it, it gave a sort of continuity to the game. Although very easy, it felt like some detective job. I understand it's not going to be detective game, but these kinds of puzzles belong to that field sort of, no? More like this please! (bit harder though)

    Menacing Map - Forest (Lobb)
    Similar to the pipegames, this was fairly simple to solve. Might be hard to make this more difficult. Maybe through adding complexity or tricky paths that take longer route, but might still cross the way or something. Not sure.

    At this point I'd like to commend you guys and the original artist on the unique graphics for most of the puzzles. It's really nice and didn't feel too inserted, blends nicely to the game.

    Stovepipe Stumper - Hotel (stove)
    Loved the little intermission here. This was fairly simple though as, although I adore the graphics (once again, there's something 50's style there, it's great) the uniqueness also makes it easier to solve as the pipe parts match in a single way only.

    The Maw of Madness - Hotel alley (Bo Murphy)

    Abstract, nice and intriguing idea, but somewhat far-fetched (and easy once again, bit like the snowmobile thing, but with more variables).

    Don't want to know what tethers did to the guy. :D

    Changing Chairs - Diner (chair stack)
    The art was ugly in this one, most probably on purpose so I won't comment that any more. However, although the chairs auto-aligned, they also needed to be in correct position in absolute manner too, not just relative to each other (like in others). Nice, I liked this, as it had some of the pieces rotated and the picture's position wasn't immediately clear. (had to move it a bit)

    Window Watcher - Outside lodge (window)
    Plenty of choices to choose from, but not that hard. Did need some focus though.

    Going After Glori - Outside hotel (Snowmobile)
    Footprints were a nice touch. Although later on they're just changed to something else.

    Screw-up in Space - Space (foreman)
    Nice jump to somewhere totally different. Perspective on the puzzle was interesting, although some harder variations would have been possible on this one too.

    Perplexed Sock Picker - Lodge (left guy)
    Good, had to think some. Math puzzles are fun too. :)

    Grickleback Baffler - Lodge (middle guy)
    This required some drawing from me, as the trick needed some thinking. Took a while too.

    A Quorum of Crows - Lodge (Bjorn)
    This was fun, trying to think about optimizations to the set. There were plenty of room for errors if one didn't take enough possibilities into account. That's a good thing and shows some true soul of the puzzles.

    Locksmithing Learner - Lodge (table)
    No one expects the spanish inquisition, or something very similar to that.. but in the end the puzzle was fairly easy due to snapping pieces. Maybe the improvements I thought about in my response for the first puzzle might be useful for harder difficulty. Snapping would suit easy difficulty.

    Tracking Trouble - Outside lodge (tracks)
    Took some inspiration and thinking. Nice with lots of turns and twists to make the player check his/her route twice.

    Frantic Fish - Lake
    Although others say this was boring and poorly described, I thought it was clever and needed some clear thinking. IMO all the rules were properly written and only thing that might cause problems with some is that it doesn't mention if an eaten fish could contain another fish, but that would have broken the puzzle.

    Overall, this one was one of the better ones imo. Thumbs up and more like this please.

    Snowmobile Snafu - Lodge outside (snowmobile)
    Once again, the unique graphics rule, but make the matching somewhat easy. (I don't mean to say that the graphics should be changed, only the connecting edges could do with some fixing to blur the difference between the options)

    Master Locksmith - Factory gate
    Seemed hard at first, but the snapping thing almost solved it for me. I tried some logical structure at first (as in a composition of the parts), but it turned out to be somewhat different. Nice, but snapping helped too much.

    Barrier Blot-Out - Factory
    Nice change of pace.

    Fire Up the Furnace - Factory

    Snap snap. Also some of the shapes were a bit strange. Felt a little bit like a last minute addition.

    Hydraulic Headache - Factory

    This was the second puzzle I failed the first time, due to not reading the rules properly. Simple, stupid mistake condemning me to grade 7/10. :/ Good planning puzzle though.

    Gnegative Gnomes - Hotel (Window)
    This was the first I failed due to not doublechecking. Fun idea, clever tricks although easy once you put your thought on it properly, not too obvious though. Points on that one.

    Tapeworm Twister - Hotel (Bo Murphy)
    Nice and fun. Easy. Same as the earlier mentions about these twisters.

    Arm Wrestling Redux - Hotel alley (newspaper)
    Another deduction puzzle. Good one, although there was a certain uncertaintity factor there.

    New Employee Error - Outside hotel (Help sign)
    Felt bit tacky, although a nice puzzle anyway. Not too hard.

    Cut Your Losses - Outside hotel (Closed sign)
    See above.

    Air-Mailing - Diner (Steve)
    I got a little bit bored with these. Good puzzle idea though. Now that we solved 3 of them in this, something different for the possible next one. Or maybe more birds and more difficult problems.

    Contraband Carriers - Diner (Steve)
    See above.

    Hot Hawks - Diner (Steve)

    See above the 'see above'.
    Bugs in Boxes - Diner (Darryl & Darrel)
    Familiar problem to me, so it was easy-ish to solve. Good and not too tacky reproduction.

    Rearranging Rations - Diner (Glori)
    Snapping dishes helped a bit too much. The shapes were quite logical though.

    Diners and Dishes - Diner (Glori)
    This was another fun deduction puzzle. Good one! Took a few checks. Before final submit.

    More Bugs in Boxes - Diner (Darryl & Darrel)
    Super Bugs in Boxes - Diner (Darryl & Darrel)

    Nothing much to comment about these two. See the above answer.

    4/5 stars
    + puzzle ideas
    + atmosphere
    + some puzzles really hit the spot, all had something good
    + original graphics
    + immersive, creepy storyline with twists and all. Left me wanting quite some more.
    - snapping puzzles were too easy
    - not much to interact in the game world, also hand leading on "drive the snowmobile to X" etc. made it more like a puzzle run. Might have been intentional though.
  • Reply to #20: Me nor my sister had never seen that one either. However, while I was thinking it in more complicated manner than it actually was the answer just suddenly stroke me. Didn't even need hints (actually I didn't use any hints in the whole game)
  • I liked the room number puzzle which is the best for me.
  • I like many puzzle game such as Directions & Detours Outside hotel, Room Key Confusion in the Hotel, Super bugs in the box, Wrangling watchmen by sheriff, Find the Fuse in the diner, The Maw of madness in hotel alley, Window watcher etc.
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