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Tales of Monkey Island free game code

posted by Blinx123 on - last edited - Viewed by 155 users
Hi. I know I am a tad late to the party, but perhaps the kind customer support can still help me.

I pre-ordered Tales of Monkey Island last year and received my coupon code. Unfortunately, I forgot about choosing a free episode until now and the code now seems invalid.

Can I still get my free episode somehow?
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  • You're given an expiration date with your coupon code, so it's not like you haven't been warned. With that said, Telltale holds no responsibility on such an issue, but good luck anyway.
  • aww but they could be nice! and maaaaaybe just maybe .. meh idk:P

    toss in a sticker next buy? lol ( i know you still have 900 magnets stuck to the sides of cubicles there! dont lieee :P


    Need to get back to the HQ and see what the office looks like since its BLOWN UP INTO HUGENESS
    *more than one toilet yet??
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