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Poker Night Update Available to everyone! Cleaned up, more compatible, 2 new tables!

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Poker Night Update!

The updated version of Poker Night at the Inventory has finally been made available to all customers, be it Telltale customers or Steam customers.

Telltale customers: Get the update from your Games Page.
(Note: If you downloaded the game from Telltale this past weekend, you probably already have the update.)

Steam customers: just restart Steam, and the update should start downloading.

What's new in the update?
Poker Night update, changes list:

Poker & Gameplay Fixes

* At the end of a hand, winners of the main pot and any side pots all announced individually. (Previously, only the winner of the biggest pot was announced.)

* Each round, the minimum raise starts at the big blind until someone raises, after which the minimum raise is the amount of that last raise.

* In heads up (one on one) play, the dealer is now the small blind and first to act pre-flop.

* If a someone folds and is part of a side pot, and after the fold only one person remains in the sidepot, the sidepot gets cleared and paid out to that one remaining person.

* The tutorial now automatically comes up once, the first time the game is played. It is still also available on-demand from the Poker Help screen.

* Players who have a straight flush, four of a kind, full house, flush or straight will now get the appropriate hand achievement even if everyone else folds to them in that hand.

* Fixed issue causing character tells to almost never play.

* Fixed issue causing only one of the player's hole cards to display when skipping dialog.

* Improved readability/consistency on the unlockable Strong Bad card deck.

* Max properly leaves the table after his "I'll be in the bar" bust out line.


Compatibility Fixes

* Anti-aliasing quality control added to Graphics Settings screen.

* Improved compatibility with Shader Model 2.0 graphics cards.

* Fixed cases of invisible and garbled text on the title screen and settings screen on some systems.

* Some lower end video cards which formerly just drew a black screen should now display the game. :)



* Two new poker tables available on the Unlocks screen: “Poker Night,” and “Inventory Security”
Thanks and enjoy!
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  • Yea I still have issues on the widescreen
    wants to stretch..
    put it in windowed mode it runs slow, but works..
    still no widescreen support in the patch?
  • Thanks for your efforts! I'll check it out when I get home :D
  • Works fine on my pc!
    Thank you guys! You're the best! :D
  • The title bar for the setup file says "Poker Night Poker Night at the Inventory Setup"

    and the mouse still lags for me no matter what the graphic setting is, yet I have a Radeon HD 4650
  • I don't have a black screen any more but now it crashes just as it's about the deal the cards. It's really smooth and looks good in in the menu and introduction.

    Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz
    3GB RAM
    Intel Q35 Express Chipset

    Before it was a black screen, glitchy menu and it crashed when I tried to change the graphical setting and when I pressed Play Game.

    Almost there!
  • Thanks for the fix! I don't have a black screen anymore. (The game runs a little slow, but I'm pretty sure that's just a problem with my four-year-old computer, and I can deal with it.)

    You rock, Telltale! :)
  • I downloaded the game, and the intro plays fine, but right after they tell you how to play, the game freezes, an error message pops up, and the game shuts down.
  • My game still doesn't work. I can't get past the logo at all. I'm playing on the Steam version, so I'm sure it has updated. I have also tried reinstalling the game a few times.
  • I just wanted to add that I was apparently mistaken about this game not working. I loaded it again (like the 4th or 5th time) and this time I just left it and went off to do something else while it loaded. it did eventually come up though I don't know how long it took. I'm not sure if this was just some sort of deal with changes in the the update.
  • Is 1920 X 1200 resloution supposed to be supported?

    Whenever I click it, the option disappears and defaults me to 1920 X 1080... ?
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