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Puzzle Agent Graphical Bug on Puzzle 2 with Snowmobile

posted by Depops on - last edited - Viewed by 11.8K users
I have both of these problems. ESC doesn't work and there's no automatic save after the first puzzle.

In addition, there is a problem with the second puzzle. The background of the puzzle is on top of the rest of the objects so I can't see what's happening.


DirectX has been updated. This problem occurs both in fullscreen and windowed. I don't know what else I could try.
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  • Any news on when the fix will be released? Specifically for the Adventure Pack copy? I'd really like to play this on the weekend while I still have time...
  • KirinLink;411958 said:
    No, seriously, no sarcasm. According to their site, Telltale has 4 full-time engineers and 5 full-time content programmers, plus 5 full-time testers. Compared to the Sam and Max franchise and Back to the Future, Puzzle Agent is relatively a small deal for them. I certainly don't feel like 6 months is an outrageously long time, given that number of engineers (four) and the amount of other stuff they have to do.
    It's all about how you use your resources... Telltale had the people to get this patched in no-time, they chose not to. You can talk about how small the company is all you want but indie games with much smaller teams get patched quickly with fixes and new content, and I don't just mean 2D simple stuff I mean games like Zeno Clash.

    The simple fact of the matter is that because the number of people effected was small and refunds were offered Telltale did not make the patch a priority. 6 months for a game-breaking issue to be fixed is not quick by ANY stretch of the imagination and you saying this is frankly ridiculous. You can say it didn't bother you or that you understand if you want, but don't say it was quick when it was anything but.
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    When will be patch available for TTG customers?

    Thank you.
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    at last, a new version is available for download :D
  • anglerush;410969 said:

    The silver lining is that now that they have the series 400 cards, they have NO REASON TO NOT USE THEM IN TESTING TO MAKE SURE THIS CRAP NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN.
    I can assure you, we are definitely testing on 400 series cards now. :)
  • olz;414106 said:
    at last, a new version is available for download :D
    Thanks, olz! In spite of Telltale's spectacular communication on this issue, somehow I missed the official announcement.

    I can confirm that the issue is fixed for me... I was able to play for more than 3 minutes.
  • You guys sure and not confusing it with the Poker Night update? Since the file has the same name, while there they atleast put v2 behind it to indicate a new version...
  • Yes, the puzzle worked here as well.

    The installer is rather silly, though. It detects that you have the game installed, and allows you to keep your settings - but the game looks in a different directory now, so it doesn't actually use them.

    It also leaves the old version files on your hard drive, because the game folder is just called "Puzzle Agent" now, rather than "The Mystery of Scoggins", so it doesn't overwrite the files (nor does it run the uninstaller in the background).

    Also a slight annoyance: even though it detected the game was already installed, it still defaulted to the standard install location. Seems rather silly when it knows the game is already installed.

    Edit: Hassat, it is indeed a new version, even though Telltale haven't said anything about it themselves. The new installer file size is almost 50 MB smaller than the old one.

    Edit 2: On closer inspection, it looks like this might just be the Steam version with the DRM removed. There's no launcher, and instead of the launcher-related files, it has a "steam_api.dll" file instead.
  • The Adventure Bundle version is still the old version... Any update on that?
  • Still broken for me.

    Admittedly, I suspected as much when my bug wasn't mentioned in the changelog. Yay, they forgot about me! Spectacular communication as always.

    Y'know. I bought this game when it came out, haven't been able to play it yet and got a copy with BttF (which I marked as a gift so I could send it to someone). I think I'm going to ask for a refund on my original purchase and just play my spare one some time. One day. If it's ever fixed. At least I won't feel short changed because it will have just been something I got free with BttF.
    Pidgeot;414131 said:
    Edit 2: On closer inspection, it looks like this might just be the Steam version with the DRM removed. There's no launcher, and instead of the launcher-related files, it has a "steam_api.dll" file instead.
    Hmm, this and the fact that the patch came out on steam first makes me think that they basically didn't care until a whole bunch of copies sold on steam in that bundle. =(
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