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Grand advent taken away after purchase now the deal does not apply?

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sent in emails PMS and tickets and posts even before buying.

Can you cats make this right? id gladly do it by the book if only I knew what that way was.

Thing is Amy gave a code, it didn't work. So someone said try the digital version then get the dvd. So in doing that paypal directed me right over and instantly paid 0 for a free Digital download.

After this I tried adding stuff to the cart and checking out but the deal would go back to 19.95 and made the dvd void.
So I thought to buy the DVD for 0.01 SO I PAID 1 penny.. knowing it seemed wrong and I ASKED how I could make it right.

Now its another day and it seems the deal is over and well tons of anger is building. Of course I cant blame telltale like some must have.(Wow guys calm down!! its only a great game! not worth insulting people for!!!!)

Please make this right. Offer me or others who saw the deal and tried their hardest a way to still get that special deal.
all you needed to do was PM or email me, and state something was wrong and how to fix it.
(pretty sure it was the 0$ shipping thing + no item)
[CENTER]all you had to say was pay for 1 item and its shipping! tada keep the DVD!!

help from the bottom of my telltale heart... cry
been around forever buying many many things. I'm not here to rip off telltale.
If its been done its been by accident.

Ive sent too many emails even before this about other things as well, none are answered @ support or in pm or on forum.
I followed the forum and when I woke POOF my W&G .. was GONE. Digi... DVD, and all.


sorry to be such a bother.
Hope this can be fixed or im looking at no more purchases and a full refund on all purchases in the last 30 days or so. Even if I have to mail stuff back.

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  • Mine has now vanished from my games list too! Please Telltale, I ordered it using the code suggested by Amy and completely fairly then ordered my free DVD! (as I had the right to by owning the season) You also took Poker Night at the Inventory away from me which I paid $4.95 for!

    My order number for Wallace and Gromit and Poker Night was 600089067657850
  • NO name calling (not that you have!)
    and I hope they figure something out.. or something

    seems the monkey island deal is now going on for almost 3 days..
    idk idk.. im trying not to freak but, when things vanish without warning, you wonder what else will or when or WHY..
  • From the other thread:

    Lol, i lost digital version and dvd too.:(
    i mean, i understand the free shipping could be a bug and you delete it but the digital version, c'mon, you gave us the damn code, at least you could send us an email or something to say us "Hey, we are free to remove games from your game list, deal with it". :mad:
  • stay here in the thread hopefully we can get this worked out without a riot :P

    and as ive said keep it civil.
    Honey gets you more than.. man whats the idiom?..
  • It is very difficult as long time customer to stay calm when you keep getting ignored! i've asked again and again yesterday and I got no, zero, nada response. All I got was the code from the forum. I entered the code and it worked without additional purchase. So why bother and buy other stuff (which I would have if the code did not work or at least the dealk of the day would have worked). Everything was fine until I read here that the orders just are deleted and mine are, too. Of course, now the deal is not valid anymore an TTG does not really seen to worry that much - not so much as sending me an e-Mail explaining what happened. This is not a way to keep customers and no way to keep people from pirating....I'm angry and I am very dissapointed right now!
  • Yesterday's deal of getting a free copy of Wallace and Gromit's Grand Adventures Retail DVD for free, as stated in the promotion's banner, was only free with a purchase. For that reason, orders with nothing but the DVD or the game for free in the cart were automatically cancelled since they were not in line with what the original offer was. As an example of how this was taken advantage of, there were a number orders with 10 or more 'Gift' codes for the game made at a time and multiple DVDs being sent on the same order - all for free.

    We'll be working to refund orders that may have $0.01 cent or similar amounts charged to them.

    Apologies for any confusion.

  • Thanks for clearing that up. It seems the games have been returned to my account, including my copy of Wallace and Gromit! :)
  • Thanks for the reply.:)
    will you put the W&G deal up again?
  • Gabriele_C91;414480 said:
    Thanks for the reply.:)
    will you put the W&G deal up again?
    It's not on the schedule but today's deal gets you the game for a little less than 10 dollars. Then you can get the DVD for free (you pay the cost of shipping).
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