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Sam & Max Symbiotes Figure Set

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Hey all

has anyone bought this?

I got mine originally from symbiote studios, first I just got 2 guys in a plastic bag with my statue order then a note and a new box came VERY VERY late.
Talking oh.. almost a year after my statues.

The note said here is the new box and we are sorry it took so long!
It came in a cooool box sealed with the statues. vs the bagged figures.
Is this how the TTG version comes? Boxed in a cool wii sized box? (not the box for the wii the wii itself)

If so I want one for my daughter for xmas (rather ill give her mine and get the other for me later when a good deal is on again)

The box itself was VERY cool

one of many questions ive asked in support.
hoping something gets answered lol
sorry amy :( need a bucket for the head on fire? LOL seems like tons of work! Id have lost my mind by now, oops already gone!

Love max quotes or sam to max.. whatever.
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  • I ordered them a couple of weeks ago, but they haven't shipped yet.
  • xChri5x;414315 said:
    I ordered them a couple of weeks ago, but they haven't shipped yet.
    When added to my cart it says they are back ordered?
  • well again I got mine from symbiote.. not telltale

    :P odd backordered.. these shoulda been out ages ago?? right?
    statues were when.. a year or so ago?

    want pictures of my cool little box?
    wonder why symbiote would send first with personal letter (now I have two pairs) one in box one out.
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