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wiiware survey trouble

posted by deadlinejon on - last edited - Viewed by 202 users
so i did this survey a bit ago, where it said i would get a free episode of tales of monkey island, and i got the email saying i recieved it today. trouble is, how do i download the game? this survey WAS a telltale survey.
or do i simply wait a day for it to go through the wii shop channel's process?
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  • woah, uhh

    friend of mine did that and it was instant or near instantly
    my guess... the holiday deals miffing it.

    hope you pick the trial of guybrush.. one of my favs!
  • Nah, the email said it was lair of the leviathan.
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    jviloria Telltale Alumni
    Hi deadlinejon - You should receive a message on your Wii saying that you got the gift. I assume waiting a day or two should do it. If you still don't hear anything, PM me your Wii friend code and I'll check on it for you. Thanks for doing the survey!
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