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Hit The Road Easter Eggs

posted by xChri5x on - last edited - Viewed by 2K users
I just played through Hit the Road recently and I was wondering about the games easter eggs. I looked online and found out about one of Flints bullets having "Max" written on it. There was a screenshot, but I wanted to make sure it was for real I went and made one myself:

I also remembered something from when I played the game years ago as a kid, about this cat that appears outside the office, but I couldn't really figure out if I was just delusional or if it was for the mac version/demo or something. So I played around with the game and ended up finding it. If you leave the office (with the orders)and go to the carnival and then come straight back to the office there is a grey sickly cat on the alley fence which you can try and talk to:

Once you leave it'll be gone the next time you come back. I don't know the story behind this one and it would neat to find out. Is this all common knowledge and I've just missed out?
Also, does anyone else know about any other easter eggs other then these?
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  • "The smart ass kid doesn't think we're scary"

    Something like that^
  • Hey, I don't think Mr. Bosco's voluntarily giving away his money!
    Oh, I'm real terrified! A dog and a rabbit. Ooh, scary!
    Max, the smartass kid doesn't think we're scary. What do you think about that?
    That's telling him, little buddy.
    [B]I think that punk learned a valuable lesson, Sam.

    Me too, Max. I didn't realize that the lower lip could stretch completely over the head.
    ("Please lengthen your message to at least 3 characters.")
  • hahaha loved that last line :D
  • Jake;40808 said:
    you never know until you look
    Schrödinger's alleycat?

    Not long after I first got the game a friend told me that there was a way to get guns and be able to shoot at anything on screen. Thank god I didn't look too far into it and spend stupid amounts of time trying to get it working.
  • The Bosco moment is the kind of thing that makes me like Sam & Max so much. No violence, but sure a lot of implied violence :-)
  • That moment in Boscoe's store might explain how he became so parinoid. lol.

    As for HtR easter eggs, I don't know if this is one, but please tell me you've tryed constantly picking up an object and heard all of sam's lines. Especially the last one. Hillarious!

    It went something like this

    Sam: Oh I give up
    Max: Oh now you done it! You've spoiled Sam's sense of (I don't remember what it was) with your attempts to pick up that stupid object
    Sam: *sighs*
    Max: In fact if I didn't find his pityful sobbing so amusing, I'd go out there and rip your limbs off.

    Oh and have you guys actually tried putting money in the well at Bumpusville(twice!)
  • Here's a good one I just found out. Using the "get" command on any object that can't be picked up a few times will cause a cutscene to happen where Sam "gives up" and then sobs. The wierd part about it is that Max will say "You've broken Sam's spirit with your stupid attempts to pick up that silly object." However, when the subtitles are on, it replaces the text "that silly object" with the objects ID number.
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