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New BTTF website info - discussion (SPOILERS)

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Some thoughts on the new info that was released on tonight (I'll spoiler tag the rest of this post for those who don't want to know any info about the game before they play, and I encourage any posters after me to do the same):

[SPOILER]- For months, I assumed that each episode would take place in a brand new time period, but now I guess that's not the case (that's the problem with assumptions, you make an ass out of... well, you know). It sounds like it'll be:

Ep. 1: 1931
Ep. 2: 1931
Ep. 3: 1986-A
Ep. 4: 1986-A and 1931
Ep. 5: ???

Honestly, I don't have any problems with this, since the first movie took place mostly in 1955, and the third mostly in 1885. So, it sounds like the game will take place mostly in 1931 and 1986-A. I guess doing four or five unique time periods would have just made the game and story too complicated to make.

- Who's the woman pictured on episode 4? Clara? It doesn't really look like her. A new character, then?

- I like Young Doc's voice better in the new sound clips than the ones we saw in the GameTrailers show. These new lines sound more Doc-ish to me.

- I still like George's voice.

- I'm lukewarm on Biff's voice, but only because the lines are of "Wimpy Biff". Once we hear "Bully Biff", I'll be able to make a better assessment. The concept art for Biff and Kid Tannen both look great, though.

- Doc's line about the tremendous explosion made me laugh, even though it probably wasn't supposed to.

- The description for episode 1 says that the DeLorean that reappears is the one that Marty "saw destroyed by a speeding train". So, it is the same DeLorean?!? That just makes things even more confusing than if it was a new DeLorean.[/SPOILER]
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  • I still think we get to visit more than 3 time periods.
    In the behind the scenes vid the director said " get to go throuw all kinds of different time periods".

    I still think we get to see 1885. Judging from the Facebook Blitz Game.

    I also think we're going back to 1985 judging from the Twin Pine Mall and Lone Pine Mall art.
    And why the hell are there Art designs for both periods?

    You know what I think? I think there is a chance Doc took the car right around or after Btt1.
    So everything that happened in BttF2 and 3 is undone for the moment.
    Then at the end of the game Doc has to return the DeLorean to the time he got it from.

    Drat...not possible. The wedding ring still indicates he got married.

    Bottom line: I am sure there is more in store for us than only 2 time periods.
  • Are the spoiler tags necessary?
    The topic title already has a warning and we're just discussing pre-release stuff.

    And I think the woman is related to Marty. Maybe Lorraine's mom. The eyes look the same. :P
  • Origami;414805 said:
    Are the spoiler tags necessary?
    For us? No. I just did it as a courtesy for those who want to avoid all info about the game before playing and might stumble upon this thread somehow. Especially because the episode descriptions are major spoilers of what happens in the game, and I kind of wish I hadn't read them myself. :cool:
  • I have a problem; this didnt happen on my laptop, but it is happening on my desktop, and I'm using the same internet browser. When I click the About, Characters or Episodes buttons they don't do anything! What's the problem?
  • More importantly than all of that..who is "First Citizen Brown"??? Is this a different Doc? The synopsis also says in episode 5 we will go through Hill Valley's past, present and future. These episodes must be huge! I'm so excited for this game!
  • OzzieMonkey;414809 said:
    I have a problem; this didnt happen on my laptop, but it is happening on my desktop, and I'm using the same internet browser. When I click the About, Characters or Episodes buttons they don't do anything! What's the problem?
    I'm having the same problem only I'm on a laptop. Anyone know whats wrong?
  • I thought the women may be some relation of Jennifer, since episode two mentions that Marty's girlfriend may be 'erased from the future'.
    I have to say the young Doc voice is much better too bad I can say the same thing about Biff's.
  • Maybe you guys having problems need to download the latest version of Flash?

    Edit: Also, Biff sounds perfectly fine to me, just to add a little balance to the discussion. When I say a word, I don't say it the exact same way every time, so KidBeyond not saying 'butthead' exactly like Tom Wilson doesn't bother me.
  • I'm taking the 'past, present, future' comment from the episode description as proof we'll get to return to 2015 :D

    Or maybe I'm reading too much into it. However, if they rehash previous timeline periods then I feel 2015 is the one with the most potential.

    I mean we only get to see like 20 minutes of that amazing timeline.
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