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  • hmm


    1. In the Great sceme of things
    2. El diablo Strikes
    3. Stinkys is Open for Business
    4. The Package is the Bomb!
    5. Robot for President

    Yeah thats all I could really think of considering that we havn't been giving to much information on the game
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    -=[The_Razgriz_Ace said:

    Sam & Max: The good, the bad, and the Stinky's...

    Good one and it could fit...
    The Good - S&M
    The Bad - Mexican Guy, Puppet President
    and well Stinky's

    S&M: Season 2: Episode 1 - Loose Ends
    a) It has a lot of things that carried over from Season 1
    b) It can deal with several consequences from Episode 6's ending
    c) It can deal with *unrelated* things and start building up the season theme
    d) It implies that, if you tie those loose ends... you may see something
    e) Sounds "detectivy"
  • Episode 1: Kill Them All
  • E1: How I Ended Up Being Called Suzy in Shangri-La
    E2: Never Bet on the Toaster
    E3: Flint Paper... Scissors
    E4: Something Lagomorphic This Way Comes
    E5: Stick 'Em Up or Die Trying
    E6: Boots of the Hanged

    These titles have been confirmed by Jake's evil twin brother.
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    The episode 3 & 4 titles really stood out to me. That's remarkebly clever word play! :)
  • Let's see... my guesses...

    Sam & Max: Freelance Police: Season 2: Back and bigger than a bread box!


    Sam & Max: The Fastest Sequal Turn-Around Ever!


    Sam & Max: Back on the Beatings

    Eehh... no...

    Sam & Max: The Buck Goes Bang

    Yes, that's my official guess.
    MrSneeze;41500 said:

    E3: Flint Paper... Scissors
    Oh, please let this be a real title.:D
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