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Sam and Max in 'Rapture if you will'!

posted by The Indigo Child on - last edited - Viewed by 1.1K users
A comic I made using gmod and MS Paint! It's a a bit... for lack of a better term 'newbish'. You might want to download it using 'save picture as' so you can zoom in to read some of the text. You get a cookie if you understand the importance of the word Rapture! Anyways I hope you enjoy and look forward to the next instalment and if you don't... I'll make the next one anyway. Hopefully the next one won't have rookie mistakes like the obviously bad re-sizing in panel 2...

Edit: File keeps failing to upload, looking for alternative...

Edit Edit: Another rookie mistake, the file's too big so I don't know how I'm gonna get's it to ya. Man I need more coffee...

Edit Edit Edit: PHOTOBUCKET! Yeah you still might want to save the image to your computer so you can zoom in to read the text clearly.

Final Edit: So there has been a couple of views now, so what are people thinking?

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