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Sudden need for a shop item.

posted by trevorrain on - last edited - Viewed by 278 users
I've browsed the shops of telltale because I've been wanting a certain Item that I assumed telltale would have in their stores.

I was mistaken.

There is no Max window hugger. I want a hyper kinetic bunny staring down any tailgater's with a soul-devouring grin that makes them think twice before cutting me off.

Garfield once held the franchise, but it looks sad and non-menacing as seen in the attachment.
Is there a way we can petition the make of such a product? Or maybe even a contest for one of the fans to come up with a suitable prototype that may be the next big, legendary seller that was the Garfield window buffer?

Would anybody else agree that they would buy a Max window hugger from telltale if one became available?
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