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Sierra adventure games

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I've recently replayed quite a few Sierra games.. and I've also finished some games I had not yet finished for some reason. And I have to say, Sierra made some fantastic adventure games!

So I'm wondering what the concensus around here is when it comes to Sierra games. I get the impression that a lot of people here are Lucasarts fans.. I myself am a big fan of the Lucasarts adventure games but I do think Sierra made adventure games that are just as good as the ones Lucasarts made. It's hard for me to pick a favourite here, I think both Sierra and Lucasarts were fantastic back when they were making adventure games.

Of course, there are some problems that reoccur in a lot of Sierra games that I hear people complain about quite often - deaths and dead ends. It's no secret that quite a few Sierra games have plenty of dead ends making it impossible to proceed since you've forgotten to do something at an earlier part of the game to where it's impossible to go back unless you load an earlier save. Personally I don't mind this much - I always keep a lot of saves and I find that in most cases it's not unfair as it's often pretty obvious that you should not proceed without figuring certain things out first.

And deaths I don't mind at all - I think it adds a sense of danger that some games benefit from.. and often deaths are pretty damn funny. I intentionally die in many games just to see the death sequence and/or the message I get after I die (lots of very dry jokes there!).

One good thing about Sierra - they made a lot more adventure games than Lucasarts ever did. Some might say "quality over quantity" but I think Sierra kept a consistant good quality in their adventure games. And they used some fantastic hand drawn backgrounds later on when they started using 256 colors (Kings Quest 5, their first 256 color game, still looks fantastic if you ask me!).

So personally, I like both companies equally.. they both created fantastic adventure games and they both screwed it all up later on.

If you're curious, the game I had waited too long to finish and finished for the first time just now is Kings Quest 6 - I was never too keen on the Kings Quest series in general but Kings Quest 6 is really awesome! Of couse, Jane Jensen helped write the story in this one which is most likely why it's better than the other Kings Quest games. It's a fantastic game.. the only fault I could find is that it might be a little too easy.. you never really get stuck anywhere in the game, it's always pretty obvious what you're supposed to do. But the storyline, the pacing, the locations, graphics, voice acting.. it's all great!

So do you like Sierra games? How do you think they compare to Lucasarts games? I know it's a pretty silly question but I hear it all the time - "I love Lucasarts adventure games but I never really got into the Sierra ones" which I find really weird.
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  • Don't forget the 'The Wizard of Id'! Yeah, I like Johnny Hart's characters too. I can't believe he died this year. I didn't know 'Sierra Online' was just the publisher on that game...but now I do! I know it wasn't really an "adventure" game I just thought of Sierra and BC came to mind. BC's Quest For Tires was the very first computer game I had ever bought for my C64 way back in 1983 when I was..uh..-gulp-...'10'!!!
  • I think my first real game was ultima II.. or something of that nature. First sierra game was kings quest before the sierra label... came with a keyboard insert... different front than most know about

    looks just like that.. sadly my keyboard overlay is torn in half.. but I still have it.. and the original box.. sigh.
  • Ah yes the 'Ultima' series...

    I played Ultima 1-4 on my C64. Sadly the only Kings Quest game I've ever played was 'King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella' for my Atari ST and I loved every minute of it!

    Cool website! Thanks for the link!!
  • yea that guy is awesome but rude all at once.. Ive asked him if he needed anything and he does but he is willing to pay nothing to get em. Ive seen my ultima in bad condition..(this is 2 not 3) and it goes for 140$ sometimes.. he offered me 30.. haha. Anyway great reference but its not complete! Closest thing we have though other than the old lucasarts museum.. sigh. If anyone knows the reason that guy sold all his junk lemme know. I woulda bought it all if he gave me more time. So I just got the sam & max stuff. Course this was years ago now... I think.
    After you have a kid whoooosh time goes by.
  • Gabriel Knight was great, except for the third game. I tried so hard to like it but it wouldn't let me. Oh, and everyone should love Space Quest, especially the fourth one. I still think it's one of the cleverest and funniest games I've ever played. However, as Old Man Murray can tell you, Roberta Williams is the reason I don't particularly like Sierra adventure games. I kind of always thought the Kings Quest games were pretentious and irritating, and the Police Quest games were nothing special.
  • I loved all the gab knights .. even part 3... sue me :P

    HEY now roberta was the most kindest person on this planet.. least that ive met. When I was a kid I lived right next to oakhurst. I kept writing her letters saying how much I loved sierra and kings quest etc. Ended up doing nothing work (since as a kid you cant get paid officially) Sometimes she would say here is the new kings quest.. take it home and tell me if any errors pop up, if they do write down what you did, where it happened and the error(does that make me like gamma tester?) . But I would get these lil certificates with a letter saying.. GOOD FOR ANY FREE SIERRA GAME signed with love roberta williams.

    Later in life yea her and ken just sorta ditched gaming and went to books and travel. Sigh...

    But dont ever say she is pretentious... I never saw that in her, well other than the master control work she had to do to keep people working right :P
    She was always the kindest person.. ken was a bit well, he was a hacker in the day so lets say hes a bit of a nerd. But thats ok.(unless you are talking about how she changed drastically during the later stages of sierra :P I wasnt around then and yea Ive heard quite a few stories from al lowe weee!

    I sooo wish I would have framed one of the certs but alas all I have is one of the letters that came with it.. and I cant even find that anymore ackk!
    Common williams .. make one last game.. call it travel with me and the hubbie or some lame thing just dont leave forever sigh.
    (trust me they arent comin back)
  • I'm sorry I didn't bother to read the entire thread, but I just wanted to comment some.

    I am very fond of Sierra games in general, but I must admit that LucasArts make better adventure games. (of course this is my opinion, you're free to disagree)

    One of my favorite Sierra adventure games is, as many have said before me; Gabriel Knight. But I must be the only person alive that actually liked GK3 better than the previous ones. The way they made the 3D world and controls was brilliant if you ask me. The story is amazing and thrilling, and the puzzels moderate to hard, depending what score you aim for. I have also noticed that many preferred GK2, and I must admit that I didn't like that one at all.

    But the best adventure games is Monkey Island series (I even liked the 4th one) and Grim Fandango by Lucas Arts

    The humor is very important in adventure games even if you are making/playing a serious one, (like GK) and I feel that LucasArts games have better dialog and humor than Sierra adventure games.

    And I also feel that LucasArts manage to use the potential in the games and the genre better than Sierra.

    Of course; you are all free to disagree.:)
  • King's Quest = Pure Stupid.

    It's like an amalgam of everything that was bad about Maniac Mansion, without any of the good parts.

    EDIT: And yes, I know Maniac mansion was released AFTER King's quest.
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    To me, GK1, GK3 and GK2 in that order.
    The only bad thing about GK1 was pixel hunting in day 10 (If you played, you know what I mean).
    On GK3, I loved the transition to 3D but believe some was lost. I particalrly liked all the extras (including the ExtractAll(); command and the dozens of eastern eggs)
    GK2 was a mixed bag to me, I liked the story and the music but it felt a bit dettached, I mean in the other games you were inmerse in the game world, but on GK2 you always knew that it was a game.

    But the best of the best is GK4...well one day perhaps.

    Yay... 300th post
  • Pvt._Public;41919 said:
    However, as Old Man Murray can tell you, Roberta Williams is the reason I don't particularly like Sierra adventure games. I kind of always thought the Kings Quest games were pretentious and irritating, and the Police Quest games were nothing special.
    I thought I was the only one who thought the KQ games were overrated. Happy to see there is another on here who has a similar opinion on the games. I mean, the KQ games were popular since they were the first adventure games, but her story telling wasn't so good imo. Most of the games lack a detailed storyline and seems to add in fairy tale stories randomly. Part KQ6 had the best storyline, but that is probably because the story was done by Jane Jensen of Gabriel Knight fame.

    However, I do like Roberta's The Colonel's Bequest and I heard the first Phantasmogoria was good.
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